Beyond Intention with Dan Mangena EP: 032

podcast Apr 28, 2021

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It’s a pretty special day at The Inside Story Podcast because today, we have our very first gentleman on the show!

Dan Mangena is a motivational speaker, best-selling author & Wall Street Journal “Master of Success”.  He is a multiple 7-figure business owner who has had his share of ups and downs before getting to where he is now. And as he and I take a look back at his journey, he shares some pretty powerful truths that will make you dream bigger for yourself than ever before.

Here are some of what Dan and I talk about in today’s episode:

  • His life as a trilogy and where he is at this point
  • The life-changing diagnosis of...
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Becoming a Soul-Centered CEO with Hayley Hunter Hines EP: 031

podcast Apr 21, 2021

When you’re an entrepreneur trying to build and elevate your business, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals has a transformative effect not only on how you work, but also how you live your personal life.

When I met Hayley Hunter Hines in 2018, she was already sharing stories of the women she was helping, and her passion for what she was doing was evident. And when I approached her to talk about her initiative, I realized I was speaking to a real LIGHTbeamer.

Since then, she and I have been supporting each other both in business and in our personal endeavors. And knowing her has had such a positive effect on me and the way I live my life (remember my red dress moment in Paris?), and impacted the vision I have for my business.

Hayley shares so much of her journey and insights with me in this episode. Here are some pieces of our conversation:

  • What it means to be a Soul-Centered CEO and the 3 C-words that embody being that person
  • Her journey that began in 2016,...
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SPOTLIGHT: Madge Gillen

Before I met Madge Gillen, I did not have the slightly clue what Foot Zoning was. 

Do you?  Have you ever heard of this?

Madge was already a big part of the LIGHTbeamers Community and was sharing a lot about self love... when she began exploring her story deeper, and discovered a powerful healing modality that has quite literally changed her life! 

I've watched her enthusiasm and passion reach a whole new level. Her energy is infectious! 

I had to feature her this month so more of you could get to know this bubbly, superhuman. When she says "sunshine in my soul" -- you can feel it!

APRIL: Madge, I love how your story has evolved over time. Tell us a little bit about your journey!

MADGE: I was that person who would say “YES!” to everyone and everything. Before I knew it I was in the PTA, I was a room mom, I was a High School Cheer coach, I was on the Board of Dyslexia for the State of Utah, I was a Girls Scout Leader, I was a mom, a wife, a...

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A Love Story to Community EP: 030

podcast Apr 14, 2021

If there’s one thing I have always considered to be a blessing in my personal life and my business, it would be the gift of Community.

But the significance of having and being part of a Community has not stood out more to me than during my very recent experience with Covid. What I went through emphasized clearly how my wonderful tribe of LIGHTbeamers plays such a big role in my life.

Whether you’re part of a huge community or a smaller tight-knit one, you’re going to want to listen to this episode. And if you’re part of LIGHTbeamers, this one right here is an ode to you!

I invite you and your friends to listen together as I talk about:

  • How my community has made an impact in my success
  • One of the top life skills we must have as adults, that was shared to me in an interview
  • The way my people showed up for me as I battled Covid and how their love contributed to my healing and recovery in a big way
  • The 3 ways to build community
  • The secret ingredient I highly...
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What's the best thing that has happened to you this year? EP: 029

podcast Apr 07, 2021

Last week, I posted a story prompt inside my LIGHTbeamers Community on Facebook and it went like this:

What is something positive in your life now that you didn’t have a year ago? 

Today, as I sit in a quiet spot by the beach — on a much-needed break with my family — I am sharing with you by way of this podcast episode, my own reflection and response to this significant question.

I hope you join me as I share with you:

  • How I paused and looked back at the last 12 months, including my family’s recent bout with Covid
  • What’s at the top of my positive list
  • The concept of tight containers which I learned from my own mentor and coach
  • How even just managing my time using Google calendar has made such a huge impact in my business and personal life!
  • What I believe this past year has taught us and brought about in us

To say the least, these past months have been consequential for all of us one way or the other. So I invite you to take some time to really...

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Empact Bars & Empact Women with Melonie DeRose EP: 028

podcast Mar 31, 2021

Sometimes, life takes you on a path that’s way different from the one you thought you’d be on.

For Melonie DeRose, being a corporate lawyer was a big check mark on her to-do list. She was doing what she thought she was meant to do, and what everyone else said she was supposed to do.

But when she realized most of her days were just spent on autopilot and not making her feel alive, Melonie knew there was something missing. She knew she had to make a change. So she went and took a leap of faith, pursued her real passion, and never looked back.

There’s a lot you can take away from Melonie’s story, and I invite you to listen in as she shares with us: 

  • The three things that made her rethink her life
  • That pivotal moment she had leaving work at 2AM while 7 months pregnant
  • Her mission to empower women which drove her to create Empact Bars
  • Her unconventional way of partnering with non-profit organizations in her pursuit of making an impact on women’s lives...
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Sharing Your Story on the Big Stage with Melanie Spring EP: 027

podcast Mar 24, 2021

Today’s episode with international keynote speaker and public speaking trainer Melanie Spring is such a good one!

She takes us on her journey from being a brand strategist interviewing companies and finding out what made them work (hint: it has something to do with stories!), to becoming a public speaker and trainer who helps other people bring their stories to the big stage.

I had such a fun and enlightening conversation with Melanie, and I invite you to listen in as we talk about:

  • How she unexpectedly found her passion in teaching people how to say what they need or want to say
  • Her life-changing retreat that goes beyond public speaking, and allows people to find out what’s standing between them and who they want to be
  • What she feels are the things holding people back from sharing their stories and making an impact on stage
  • Being an introvert and why her personality makes her good at what she does
  • A major tip she has for anyone who is getting ready to speak on stage...
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Story is All Around You EP: 026

podcast Mar 10, 2021

Whether it be in our personal lives or in business, creating connections and building relationships get easier when we openly share stories with our audience. A work presentation, a social media post, or even just an email to a friend becomes more interesting when injected with relevant stories.

But it isn’t always easy to dig up stories we can use to engage with others. Sometimes, we feel our stories are too personal to be shared, or we may think they’re not interesting enough to be told.

So how and where do we find stories other than our personal experiences?

Find out in today’s episode as I share with you:

  • Why the practice of being aware and intentional is important in finding stories
  • How I came up with the concept of Found Objects
  • Two of the stories I share that are centered on Found Objects, and how I use them to send a message to my audience
  • Why it’s important to pause and take the time to notice what’s around us

Stories are everywhere. But...

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How to Harness the Power of Your Story EP: 025

podcast Mar 03, 2021

Stories are powerful. They can teach us, give us hope and encouragement, provide comfort, inspire people, and transform lives.

On the other end of the spectrum, these same stories can also leave us feeling defeated, ashamed, and tied to an invisible chain.

After years of doing storytelling work, I’ve discovered far too many people are on the latter side of the scale: shying away from telling their stories and hiding behind feelings of guilt, shame or regret.

What we need to realize is these stories we’re running away from are the ones that will have the most impact when we open up and share them.

So join me in today’s episode of The Inside Story podcast as I talk about:

  • The story of losing my teeth — and how I learned a powerful storytelling lesson early on in my life
  • How to free yourself from the negative hold your story has on you
  • How my community — the LIGHTbeamers Community — has become a safe place for women who want to share their story


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Pushing the Edge EP: 024

podcast Feb 24, 2021

It has been a while since my last solo episode so this one right here is pretty special!

In all honesty, it took me some time to get around to recording this, which is ironic because as you will find out, the reason I’ve been holding off is actually what our topic today covers and addresses.

So listen in as I share with you:

  • How I have been staying in my comfort zone and what that looks like to me, especially in producing this podcast
  • The story behind my first encounter with the concept of “pushing the edge” and the man who introduced it to me
  • The image I immediately thought of when I heard about the concept, and why I feel like it’s an apt analogy for pushing the edge
  • How staying in the smallest circle stops us from going after and getting what we truly desire for ourselves
  • Where I’m struggling to push myself over the edge in different areas like my health and my mindset
  • The reason why I don’t really believe in the concept of failure...
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