Starting Over with Jennifer Henry EP: 120

podcast Jan 04, 2023

How many of us actually feel like we’re truly connected to our core? How would we even know that we’re aligned with what we really want in life and what we’re meant to do?

Today’s podcast guest, Jenn Henry, felt disconnected from everything and everyone for most of her life – even from herself. So much so that she allowed that disconnection to rule her life, making her dependent on and addicted to different substances and lifestyle choices that almost destroyed her.

I invite you to join me today as I talk to Jenn, find out how and when she finally decided to turn her life around, and discuss:

  • How she became an addict, going into rehab, going through the whole cycle several times, and finally telling herself this wasn’t the life she was supposed to live
  • What lifestyle recovery is, and how she came to build a program she needed but couldn’t find anywhere
  • Being accountable for her whole health recovery and trusting herself, which was the real beginning of her transformation
  • How an old treadmill taught her the art of saying no without feeling guilty – something that has turned into one of her best converting masterclasses
  • How imagination and application allowed her to find her authentic self and figure out what she really wanted out of life
  • Becoming an author and her upcoming book, A Different Kind of Strong
  • Who Jenn is today and the deepest “I AM” statement she tells herself

How Jenn went from addict to lifestyle coach and author is an inspiring story all of us need to hear. Because at some point in our lives, we’ve all felt disconnected from ourselves and the rest of the world, and we need to know there’s a way for us to start over and get back that connection. I always say: our story can become a guiding light for someone else, and Jenn’s sure is one.


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