A Star is Born: Amanda Kae EP: 122

podcast Jan 18, 2023

Sharing your story can be the one thing you do that changes your life. And that’s exactly what happened to our guest today, Madge Gillen. 

Madge – as she has always been known and called by her family, friends, and even inside the LIGHTbeamers Community and The HUB – began her storytelling journey not too long ago. Shortly after she took my mini-course, Find Your Story, she started to share her story with her audience. And since then, she has gone from doing Facebook Lives to becoming the Rising Star speaker at the 2022 Storytelling Symposium. She has also gone back to using her given name, Amanda Kae, and she shares the story behind this with us today.

So join me and Amanda Kae as we talk about:

  • Her empowering transformation from being Madge to becoming Amanda Kae and becoming the person she was always meant to be
  • The story of how her grandmother inspired her to embrace who she really was in order to do what she wanted and help others
  • Transitioning from being a crafter to becoming a foot zone practitioner, and how her best friend empowered her to answer her calling
  • How telling her story has opened doors to opportunities she wouldn’t have otherwise come across in reaching new clients and building her business
  • The way the Storytelling Symposium changed her life, and knowing that she’s able to help other people believe in themselves more
  • Her big vision goals for 2023

When you share your story, not only will it inspire and shine a light for others, but it will transform your life, too. But you have to take that first step. Just like Amanda Kae, you won’t know the impact of your story until you try to share it. And that’s my challenge for you today: tell your story and see what unfolds for you.



Interview links
Connect with Amanda Kae >> https://linktr.ee/mandeegillen 

To know more about the next Storytelling Symposium, click here >> www.lightbeamers.com/symposium  

If you want to share your story but you don’t know where to begin, I invite you to join the LIGHTbeamers Community on Facebook, or send me a DM on Instagram! I’d be more than happy to help you on your storytelling journey!



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