A Star is Born: Amanda Kae EP: 122

podcast Jan 18, 2023

Sharing your story can be the one thing you do that changes your life. And that’s exactly what happened to our guest today, Madge Gillen. 

Madge – as she has always been known and called by her family, friends, and even inside the LIGHTbeamers Community and The HUB – began her storytelling journey not too long ago. Shortly after she took my mini-course, Find Your Story, she started to share her story with her audience. And since then, she has gone from doing Facebook Lives to becoming the Rising Star speaker at the 2022 Storytelling Symposium. She has also gone back to using her given name, Amanda Kae, and she shares the story behind this with us today.

So join me and Amanda Kae as we talk about:

  • Her empowering transformation from being Madge to becoming Amanda Kae and becoming the person she was always meant to be
  • The story of how her grandmother inspired her to embrace who she really was in order to do what she wanted and help others
  • Transitioning...
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What is a Ghostwriter with Catherine Nikkel EP: 121

podcast Jan 11, 2023

I’ve said it a dozen times over: everybody has a story. And different people have different ways of sharing their story. Some choose to post on social media; others choose to do it in front of a live audience. Still others write a book to reach and inspire more people in a big way.

Catherine Nikkel is a sought-after storyteller, content creator, and ghostwriter known for transforming fact and circumstance into compelling words. She’s written books – biographies and memoirs – for other people and shares with us today her journey to becoming a ghostwriter and doing something she loves.

Join in on my conversation with Catherine as we talk about:

  • What ghostwriting really is and how it can help women share their story out into the world
  • How Catherine became a ghostwriter, and why she says it’s a privilege to write the words of someone’s story
  • The two reasons why women hesitate or stop themselves from sharing their stories
  • Her 5-point...
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Starting Over with Jennifer Henry EP: 120

podcast Jan 04, 2023

How many of us actually feel like we’re truly connected to our core? How would we even know that we’re aligned with what we really want in life and what we’re meant to do?

Today’s podcast guest, Jenn Henry, felt disconnected from everything and everyone for most of her life – even from herself. So much so that she allowed that disconnection to rule her life, making her dependent on and addicted to different substances and lifestyle choices that almost destroyed her.

I invite you to join me today as I talk to Jenn, find out how and when she finally decided to turn her life around, and discuss:

  • How she became an addict, going into rehab, going through the whole cycle several times, and finally telling herself this wasn’t the life she was supposed to live
  • What lifestyle recovery is, and how she came to build a program she needed but couldn’t find anywhere
  • Being accountable for her whole health recovery and trusting herself, which was the real...
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Visioning and Planning for the New Year EP: 119

podcast Dec 28, 2022

It’s easy to get lost in holiday preparations and all the hustle and bustle this season brings. Don’t get me wrong: I love the holidays, and celebrating with family and friends brings a different kind of energy and joy I think we all need.

But just before we usher in the New Year which is 2023, I’m inviting you to sit down with me to do a simple but meaningful reflective exercise. And my sincere hope and wish is that this gives you a clear vision of what you want your next twelve months to look like.

So grab your pen and paper and get ready for meaningful reflections as I share with you:

  • My yearly exercise I do to reflect on where I am today and visualize something better and bigger for the coming year
  • The Wheel of Life and the different categories I put in my wheel
  • The practice of writing down the emotions and feelings I want to feel in the coming months and why it’s important to leave behind the ones that are no longer serving you
  • How going through the...
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The 7 Sparks of Visibility EP: 118

podcast Dec 21, 2022

There are numerous ways to 'get visible' with your story. And on today’s episode of The Inside Story Podcast, I’m giving you 7 fire-cracker ways to amp up your visibility, increase your impact, and build your authority. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; if you want to stand out, your visibility should be at the top of your priority list.

Before the year ends, take a quick assessment of these 7 areas and find out where the gaps are in your business. Then let's make a plan and fill those gaps in 2023!

Listen in as I discuss:

  • The 7 pillars of visibility and what you can do for each area
  • How these 7 pillars can give you the kind of visibility you’ve been looking to implement for your business
  • My very own TICS Formula, which you can use to share your story and connect with your audience

The new year is just around the corner. Make a commitment to increase your visibility and expand your reach by sharing your story through the seven areas we...

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Your Story is an Onion EP: 117

podcast Dec 14, 2022

I’m here to remind you today that you – yes, YOU – have a story to tell and the world needs to hear it.

But sharing your story is not an easy thing to do, and I’d be the first to admit that I’ve had moments where even thinking of what story to share was difficult for me. What do I talk about? Will my story resonate with my audience? Do I really have something to share?

You do – and you only need to peel back the layers to get to the heart of your story.

Join me today as I share with you:

  • A little inside story about my own experience of self-doubt and thinking that my stories are useless and boring
  • How my grandma and an AM radio show influenced my love for stories
  • The different spaces where you may find yourself on your storytelling journey and the ultimate place you want to get to
  • How stories are like an onion with layers that you need to peel back in order to get to the ones that are at the core of your being

No matter where you are on your...

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Building the Millionaire Matriarchs with Merel Kriegsman EP: 116

podcast Dec 07, 2022

There are so many societal beliefs passed on from generation to generation, and a lot of them have to do with abundance and the money mindset. But not all of these beliefs lead to a positive outcome. A lot of times, they hinder us from achieving our fullest potential and living our best lives.

Today, as we begin the third season of The Inside Story Podcast, we’re talking to Merel Kriegsman, a business mentor who intentionally made the decision to change her life and break free from generations of underearning and finally live a life of abundance.

There are so many takeaways from my conversation with Merel, so I invite you to listen as we talk about:

  • Her background coming from a long line of powerful and gifted women but who were struggling financially
  • How she promised her unborn daughter that she would end the cycle of generational underearning
  • Her decision to give up a 10-year career in music to become a coach who inspires people
  • Positioning herself as a copywriter at first...
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The Snake Oil of Marketing with Dan Russell EP: 115

podcast Nov 30, 2022

When you’re a small business owner or a solopreneur, there are so many challenges you need to face when it comes to marketing. Some of these are your budget, the kind of marketing strategy to implement, the time constraints, and even the type of agency or person you need to get on board to help you with what you need. All of this can become so … overwhelming.

Enter Dan Russell. Dan is the author of the book Snake Oil: Genuine Marketing in an Age of Cure-Alls, and he takes us back to the basics of marketing and helps us focus on the more important areas.

I invite you to join me and Dan today, as we talk about:

  • Running a marketing agency for nine years and developing an intuition for marketing campaigns that work
  • How “baffling” and “overwhelming” the marketing industry has become – and how it all comes back to the basic principles of marketing
  • Why figuring out your core messaging is the starting point for any marketing strategy
  • Dan’s...
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The BEST of The Inside Story EP: 114

podcast Nov 23, 2022

After more than two years and more than a hundred episodes of The Inside Story Podcast, I’ve gotten firmer in my belief that everyone has a story and that storytelling is an important piece of the human experience.

And since we started the podcast, I’ve talked to and interviewed inspiring people who openly shared their stories with us, and I’ve also thrown in a few stories of my own, plus some tips and tricks on how to get you started on your own storytelling journey.

So join me today as we rediscover the BEST of The Inside Story Podcast, and listen to snippets from the top 5 episodes:

  • The Inside Story with April Pertuis EP: 001
  • Cancer, Covid, Courage, and Creativity with Ros Banksia-Smith EP: 005
  • The Long Game with Sandra Scaiano EP: 003
  • Story is All Around You EP: 026
  • Boobless and Fabulous with Lacey Marie EP: 006


Thank you to everyone who has been supporting the show since day 1! I appreciate you all so much and I hope you...

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Embrace Pain to Avoid Suffering with Brian Bogert EP: 113

podcast Nov 16, 2022

When I meet people who blow me away with their stories and the way they use them to shine a light for others, I’m compelled to share them with everyone in my community because we can learn so much from them.

Such is the case with Brian Bogert. Brian is a professional coach, motivational speaker, business strategist, and leader. His mission is to help individuals achieve the best version of themselves by becoming more aware and more intentional – and therefore, more authentic. His strategy -- embrace pain to avoid suffering -- has helped people create for themselves a life with no limits.

Brian has an amazing story, and I invite you to tune in today as he talks about:

  • The idea of embracing pain to avoid suffering and how this can help you connect with your most authentic self
  • The story that shaped his life and led to the core concept of what he teaches
  • The 4 roots of internal suffering and how sharing your story can help alleviate the pain
  • How the trash from your past...
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