Building the Millionaire Matriarchs with Merel Kriegsman EP: 116

podcast Dec 07, 2022

There are so many societal beliefs passed on from generation to generation, and a lot of them have to do with abundance and the money mindset. But not all of these beliefs lead to a positive outcome. A lot of times, they hinder us from achieving our fullest potential and living our best lives.

Today, as we begin the third season of The Inside Story Podcast, we’re talking to Merel Kriegsman, a business mentor who intentionally made the decision to change her life and break free from generations of underearning and finally live a life of abundance.

There are so many takeaways from my conversation with Merel, so I invite you to listen as we talk about:

  • Her background coming from a long line of powerful and gifted women but who were struggling financially
  • How she promised her unborn daughter that she would end the cycle of generational underearning
  • Her decision to give up a 10-year career in music to become a coach who inspires people
  • Positioning herself as a copywriter at first and then moving on to do much bigger things
  • Prioritizing not just making money, but learning to take care of the monetary blessings they receive

There are no boundaries to what we can achieve, whether it be monetary or something else. We can even create a whole new paradigm for what is possible in our lives. But we all have to learn how to be good stewards of all that we receive and be able to multiply what we have and bless everyone else in the same way.



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