The Speak Easy is a development lab for high-performing leaders who are ready to go ‘next level’ with their visibility, crush the stage with their story, and add new revenue to their business.

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The Speak Easy is a development lab for high-performing women who are ready to go ‘next level’ with their visibility, crush the stage with their story, and add new revenue to their business.


Speaking is the fastest way to grow your influence and income. Period. 

Yet, the thought of going 'all in' on speaking scares you... just a tad. 

The truth is Speaking is one of the best Lead Generation and Sales Conversion events out there.

You can literally Speak your way to Success by using this strategy to grow your business. 

Inside the Speak Easy, we will make sure you are prepped, primped, primed and ready to launch as Speaker and have your schedule packed with profitable speaking engagements. 

You are an entrepreneur or business leader who is:

💛 Established and thriving in your business (making roughly $100k/year or more)

💛 An expert in your field – a subject matter expert or thought leader who has something to say!

💛 Ready for more exposure and spotlight attention so you can create more impact with your message.

💛 Craving more in-person opportunities to connect with and grow your audience & community

💛 Wanting to build more brand awareness and authority

💛 Ready to use your story as the key communication tool to connect with a broader audience

💛 Has a clear way for people to work with you. Want to use Speaking as a natural lead generator to fill your programs/ courses/ coaching/offers.

💛 Understands that regular investing in your business is how you get into the rooms that help you grow your business.

💛 Wanting to connect with other high-level women leaders who are go-getters not afraid to shine!

💛 Ready to use your story in more ways, and you are excited about becoming a better storyteller and speaker.

In general, women downplay their ability to command and influence an audience.  


Does the thought of speaking in public scare you just a wee little bit?


👉 Good! That's a sign you should be doing more of it!


We can get you over the nerves, don't worry about that! 

No, the biggest reason people don't conquer the stage is they simply don't know how to put together a compelling talk. 


And the problem with most speaking programs out there is they don't teach you the KEY INGREDIENT of a persuasive, high-converting talk:


Audiences are SMART. 

They can sniff a fake from a mile away. 

So you want to make sure your talk is loaded with deep, authentic, and highly-connected storytelling so your audience will be moved into action. 

🚫 So here's the next problem 🚫

Most people have NO CLUE how to properly tell their story. 

They either get in the weeds of all the details of their story (they tell TOO MUCH)... or they shy away from the heart of their story (they tell too little).


Inside the Speak Easy, I'm going to help you find the exact story with just the right balance of personal story mixed with your expertise  that will have your audience begging for more
(which means, they'll want to hire you!) 


The Speak Easy is a 6-month, high-touch coaching container where you'll:

⭐️ craft a powerful talk using our easy-to-follow formulas

⭐️ practice your talk regularly in during your Practicum times

⭐️ watch your confidence go through the roof

⭐️ start booking speaking opportunities by using our proven booking & promo strategies

⭐️ have a minimum of 25 speaking engagements booked before we're done

⭐️ finally see a clear path to make speaking a staple inside your business as a humming revenue generator!

⭐️ be a much better speaker than you were entering The Speak Easy

Whether your goal is to  rock the virtual stage through summits, podcasts, and online workshops... Or you want to step onto bigger stages in person and become a highly sought after expert in your field.  

Speaking will become a major pathway to growth, authority, and revenue.

There are only 9 spots available in our Speak Easy cohorts, so  apply today  and let's get you out there!

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Phase 1

We'll build Your Talk centered around your great Story! 

  • Video module with details on how to structure your talks

  • Specific guidance on how to build 3 different types of talks inside The Speak Easy.

  • 1 x 1:1 call with April to develop your Story

  • 3 x Group Coaching Sessions

Phase 2


  • 3 x Practicum sessions with an accountability partner. Videos submitted to April for personalized review

  • 3 x Personalized Feedback Sessions with April

  • Unlimited support and additional Practicums available inside the private Facebook Group. 

Phase 3

The Standard we set in the Speak Easy is to secure 25 Talks. Let's get busy booking 

  • Templates for creating your Speaker Assets

  • Guidelines for building your Speaker Kit for Website

  • Scripts for making the asks & getting booked

  • 2 x Group Coaching Sessions

Phase 4

Now it's time to make some MONEY! Speaking isn't just about VIsibility, it's about generating Revenue.

  • Video Module on different types of speaking business models and Speaker fee structures.

  • Strategies for building your personalized “welcome mat” so quality leads turn into clients

  • 2 x Group Coaching Sessions

  As a VIP Member, you'll join me at an in-person LIVE event where you'll deliver your talk on stage.

We'll bring in our camera & photography crews and you'll walk away with a professional speakers reel & fresh branding photos to add to your Speakers Kit

 Imagine having a Video like this to use as a way to market yourself and your area of expertise: 



Putting yourself out there as a speaker allows you to be seen and heard at a whole new level.

Your entire brand will be elevated and you'll truly be seen as the go-to expert and build your brand authority.

It's as easy to book ONE speaking engagement as it is 50 ... because there's a ripple effect that starts to happen when you get in front of brand new audiences on a consistent basis.

And, speaking is HIGHLY PROFITABLE. Learning to turn your talks into cash is one of the easiest things you can do. Yet, most business people overlook this very simple and highly lucrative revenue stream.

And not only does speaking help you build your business, it will also help you MASTER your confidence.

A speaker who regularly rocks the stage is one heckuva confidant woman.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is someone actually going to watch and listen to my talk inside The Speak Easy?
    YES. That’s exactly what The Speak Easy is designed to do – we give you a safe, private place to develop, practice, and refine your talk while also giving you valuable feedback in real time. 

  2. Is this a course where I watch a bunch of videos?
    No! This is a high-touch coaching program with loads of support and a direct line to the leader, April. There are supplemental training videos but a majority of The Speak Easy is designed to get you into immediate action “doing” the things you need to do in order to develop and grow as a profitable speaker. 

  3. Will I walk away with tangible Assets that help position me as a professional speaker?
    YES. Inside the Speak Easy we are guiding you step by step to create your professional speaker assets such as a Speaker One Sheet and a Speakers page on your website. VIP MEMBERS get a bonafide professional Speakers Reel and Photos at the conclusion of our Speak Easy LIVE event. In many cases, we provide plug-n-play templates and graphics to help you promote yourself as a highly-sought after speaker.  

  4. What if I haven’t ever spoken publicly before?
    The Speak Easy tailor made for someone who hasn’t spoken professionally before, or who is speaking but doing it inconsistently. This program is ideal for someone who understands that Speaking is a serious vehicle for growing their business, and they are ready to implement this strategy. It doesn't matter what level you are, what matters is your eagerness to take action.
  5. Do you offer payment plans?  Yes, we offer easy & generous 6 months & 10 month payment plans for both regular enrollment and VIP.  Once you fill out your application and book your call, I am happy to share with you the exact breakdown. 

  6. Can I wait and enroll in a future cohort? Yes, we are constantly taking applications and having students put down deposits ($1000) for the Cohort start date of their choice. After you apply and book your call with me, I can go over our cohort schedule and you pick the start date that works best for you. 
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I'm a Speaker, Author, and Storytelling/ Visibility Expert — and I’ve built my business on the back bone of speaking.

Since my early days as a Television Journalist making speaking appearances regularly in my community to building a multiple six-figure business commanding stages of all types and sizes, speaking has become my ninja workhorse that drives business to me on repeat.

I created the Speak Easy because even though speaking has worked for me, there are times when I get a little lazy. I needed to add gasoline to the very vehicle that had taken me far in my career, but I had let the tank get empty.

I designed a plan that got me back on bigger stages, making money and generating new leads and new opportunities — and I realized I needed to share this roadmap and process with others.

You're invited to come into The Speak Easy so I can show you how to ramp up your speaking & storytelling skills and turn your speaking gigs into cash for your business!

I’ll be guiding you on the very steps I took (and continue to take) to grow my speaking career.

I've been told the laser feedback and coaching support I give, not to mention the storytelling gold I share, is the differentiator between this program and the many others that are out on the market. 

Join the Speak Easy and discover the difference for yourself. 

Apply to Join our next Cohort

** Taking deposits for 2024 Cohorts **

Program Enrollment fee:
$6500 /  $8500 VIP

Applications lead to a 1:1 information call with April to ensure we put together the best, most cohesive cohorts! 

*Schedule of cohorts available on the call. 

**Applications lock in 2023 pricing no matter which cohort start date you join.  Enrollment fees will increase in 2024 so put your application in today! 


Speak Easy Regular


This is everything included

1 One-on-One call with April

8 Group Coaching Calls

3 Practicum Sessions

3 Detailed Feedback session with April

All live trainings and bonus video modules

25 Talks Tracker

Customizable Templates for creating Speaker Assets

Scripts for making asks & getting booked

Facebook Group for Support

Ongoing messenger support with April

Speak Easy VIP



Speak at our in-person Speak Easy LIVE event

Get a Professionally produced Speakers Demo Reel

Personalized Speaker Photoshoot with a selection of fully edited photos

1 One-on-One call with April

8 Group Coaching Calls

3 Practicum Sessions

3 Detailed Feedback session with April

All live trainings and bonus video modules

25 Talks Tracker

Customizable Templates for creating Speaker Assets

Scripts for making asks & getting booked

Facebook Group for Support

Ongoing messenger support with April


There are only 9 spots available in each of our Speak Easy cohorts, so secure your spot today and let's get you out there as a speaker!

Have questions? Email [email protected]