What It Means to Step Into Your Brave EP: 093

podcast Jun 29, 2022

If you’ve tuned in to the news these past few days, then you’ll know how everyone’s divided and has their own opinion on the outcome of the Roe v. Wade case.

No, I am not going to make a commentary on or political analysis of what happened. Rather, in light of what transpired, I’m going to place emphasis on the value of listening to truly appreciate all sides of the stories we hear. I’m going to zero in on why women should let their voices be heard, even in the face of uncertainty and fear.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • How the recent conversations and events surrounding Roe v. Wade made me realize anew the importance of sharing our stories
  • Using our stories in a way that bridges the gap between individuals, and doesn’t cause further division among people
  • The courage it takes and the action needed for you to STEP INTO YOUR BRAVE – which is the theme of the second LIGHTbeamers collaborative book and our upcoming Storytelling Symposium
  • What...
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ICYMI: The Importance of Feminism Today EP: 092

podcast Jun 22, 2022

What is feminism? The definition of the word has become muddled over the years, and I believe there will always be a debate on what it really means. But one thing’s for sure: feminism remains a relevant part of society today, as it was when the ideology started many years ago.

So today, I’m bringing back an episode from the early days of The Inside Story Podcast. In it, I talk about feminism and what it means to me, and how elevating women’s voices can bring about the positive change we want to see in this world.

Join me today as I share with you:

  • Why I decided to revive this episode on feminism
  • How I viewed the concept of feminism before, and what I think about it now especially in light of the work I do with the women inside my community
  • What all of us must do to keep moving forward in our quest to have not just equality, but a balanced collaboration in society

We may have a long way to go before we achieve what the original feminists wanted to accomplish. But...

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Crabs in a Bucket with Debbie Adams EP: 091

podcast Jun 15, 2022

What is it about successful people that sets them apart from the rest of humanity? Is it just plain skill and talent? These help, of course, but I find that it’s their resilience and grit in the face of adversity that distinguishes them from the rest.

And Debbie Adams is no exception. She has taken on every obstacle in her way and made them stepping stones to her success. Her story is nothing short of inspiring, and I truly believe that her journey has just begun.

So I invite you to listen in as Debbie and I talk about:

  • Her background growing up in Newfoundland and her mother’s accident that changed her life
  • Joining the military where she found her second family and the devastating reason why she had to leave that structured environment
  • Separating from her husband and taking her daughter with her, and enrolling in university in the same year
  • The feeling of not being hired despite her skills, and how she found out that starting her own business was the way out of...
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From Douchebags to Diamonds with Stacey Dewald EP: 090

podcast Jun 08, 2022

The path to finding the right partner and the “perfect” romantic relationship is never a straight one. There are always bumps along the way, and it can sometimes feel like we won’t ever end up with someone we can truly call our one true love.

Stacey Dewald is the author of Douchebags to Diamonds, a self-help book for women who want to heal their broken hearts, take charge of their love life, and attract the right one. She has had her share of dysfunctional relationships, but in the process of personal development, has found her own Mr. Right.

It’s this journey we talk about today, so I invite you to listen in as we uncover:

  • How it looked when she hit rock bottom, and how her daughter inspired her to make a change in her life
  • What the book Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping moved her to recognize what was happening to her, and what to do about it
  • How personal healing not only improved her relationship with herself, but with each person she encounters every...
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Radical Honesty as a Storytelling Practice EP: 089

podcast Jun 01, 2022

When was the last time you were completely honest with yourself?

I think it’s safe to say that we all tell ourselves little white lies from time to time. They could be about work, our business, our personal lives … these small lies come up too often that they begin to look like the truth sometimes.

What we don’t realize is that these untruths are the source of what makes it difficult to live our lives fully and in the best way possible. But there’s a way to change what we’ve gotten used to and what’s become comfortable for us. And it’s called Radical Honesty.

Join me today as I share with you:

  • The concept of Radical Honesty and how it’s the best but uncomfortable way to truly transform your life
  • The different areas in my life where I had to become radically honest with myself
  • The three steps to awareness and noticing what’s happening in you and around you
  • How to use this as a storytelling technique

The truth will always set...

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Outsourcing: Is it good or bad? EP: 088

podcast May 25, 2022

If there’s one thing I can mention that’s crucial to business growth, it would be outsourcing. But there are so many facets to this process that a lot of entrepreneurs dismiss the idea of outsourcing -- even before they understand how it can actually take a big load off their shoulders and help scale their businesses!

So if you’ve been mulling over the idea of outsourcing but have questions on how to go about it, this is the episode for you. Plus, I give you a couple of resources to get you started on your outsourcing journey!

Listen in as I share with you:

  • How my business looked and the different struggles I had before outsourcing
  • The mistakes I made when I first hired virtual assistants – and how I figured out what I needed to do to fix them
  • Why creating a partnership with your team and having clear communication are key pieces in maintaining a good, working environment
  • How outsourcing got me into my queen bee role that allowed me to make big shifts in my...
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From Burnout to True Transformation with Ashley Reed EP: 087

podcast May 18, 2022

Overworking ourselves beyond breaking point will never guarantee success. In fact, it might even become a deterrent to achieving goals by causing burnout – something that is now considered a disease by health experts. So how do we escape this cycle, find our focus again, and re-center? 

Ashley Reed has always been a high performer and built a successful career as a Marketing Executive for some well-known brands and companies. But when she found herself exhausted to a point that almost cost her her life, she knew she had to reset internally to find true balance and freedom.

Ashley and I had an enlightening conversation, and we invite you to listen in as we talk about:

  • How she was living a great life – but it wasn’t HER life
  • What happened when burnout happened, and how she stopped “swimming upstream” and cleared the clutter surrounding her to focus inward
  • Experiencing unconditional love and acceptance for herself, and how this changed her...
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Creating an Atomic Habit EP: 086

podcast May 11, 2022

“Be the designer of your world and not merely the consumer of it.”

If you’ve read James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, you’d know that its popularity and success comes from it being a really practical and useful guide on how to form good habits – even small ones – that can give you big results. 

For those who haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of the book, and see how it can give you the motivation you need to change your life and reach for success.

Join me today on The Inside Story Podcast as I share with you:

  • The habits I’ve created from reading this book
  • What I did during the course of my 100-day journey to create good habits
  • How you can start creating atomic habits that can forge a powerful change in your life

If you’ve started creating good habits but can’t seem to make them last more than a few days, this is a book for you to read. And if you’ve read it before, maybe this...

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5 Ways to Grow your Audience & Share Your Story EP: 085

podcast May 04, 2022

I see and speak to so many of you who want to up-level your storytelling skills and grow your audience, because you know that this is how you build your business. But the thing is, you have no idea how to go about it and you don’t know where to begin!

Today’s episode of The Inside Story Podcast tackles the 5 core areas of Visibility that are key to your development, growth, and exposure as a storyteller & leader. If you want to enhance your storytelling skills, grow your audience, AND build your business, then this episode is for you!

So I invite you to join me as I talk about:

  • The 5 things you can do today to increase your visibility -- and I explain each in detail!
  • A special invitation to join me for a workshop on Speaking this coming May 5 and 6

 Like I always say: your story matters. And I’ve just given you 5 concrete ways to ensure that you’re maximizing your visibility and giving your story the chance to impact those around you. All you need...

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Reclaiming Joy in an Overworked World with Alyson DeMaso EP: 084

podcast Apr 27, 2022

When you work in an industry that promotes beauty, it can sometimes become difficult to distinguish between looking beautiful and BEING beautiful.

Alyson DeMaso thought she was living the perfect life, until a series of events forced her to look deeper and evaluate what was really happening in and around her. She eventually launched Raising Beauty, where she helps people reclaim their power and joy from their overworked life, through Conscious Living & Leadership.

Join me and Alyson today as she and I talk about:

  • How curiosity led her to rise up the ranks, working the beauty industry
  • What she believed to be the definition of success at that time and her formula for being successful
  • The powerful words her daughter said to her, and how it changed her life
  • How the idea of Raising Beauty came about, and why truly living with joy is an important part of what she advocates
  • What’s coming up for Alyson and Raising Beauty in the very near future

We get to a point in time where...

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