What is a Ghostwriter with Catherine Nikkel EP: 121

podcast Jan 11, 2023

I’ve said it a dozen times over: everybody has a story. And different people have different ways of sharing their story. Some choose to post on social media; others choose to do it in front of a live audience. Still others write a book to reach and inspire more people in a big way.

Catherine Nikkel is a sought-after storyteller, content creator, and ghostwriter known for transforming fact and circumstance into compelling words. She’s written books – biographies and memoirs – for other people and shares with us today her journey to becoming a ghostwriter and doing something she loves.

Join in on my conversation with Catherine as we talk about:

  • What ghostwriting really is and how it can help women share their story out into the world
  • How Catherine became a ghostwriter, and why she says it’s a privilege to write the words of someone’s story
  • The two reasons why women hesitate or stop themselves from sharing their stories
  • Her 5-point framework called V.O.I.C.E. and her unique process for drawing out women’s stories and helping them on their storytelling journey
  • How she transitioned from social work to getting into insurance, dropping out because of a spine injury, and finally to writing
  • The big scary YES that led to her first client and to her realizing that this is what she was meant to do

Catherine and I share the same belief that everyone has a story, and stories are meant to be shared. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to tell your story through a blog, a podcast, or a book; what matters is that it’s told so that it can shine a light for someone.


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