Visioning and Planning for the New Year EP: 119

podcast Dec 28, 2022

It’s easy to get lost in holiday preparations and all the hustle and bustle this season brings. Don’t get me wrong: I love the holidays, and celebrating with family and friends brings a different kind of energy and joy I think we all need.

But just before we usher in the New Year which is 2023, I’m inviting you to sit down with me to do a simple but meaningful reflective exercise. And my sincere hope and wish is that this gives you a clear vision of what you want your next twelve months to look like.

So grab your pen and paper and get ready for meaningful reflections as I share with you:

  • My yearly exercise I do to reflect on where I am today and visualize something better and bigger for the coming year
  • The Wheel of Life and the different categories I put in my wheel
  • The practice of writing down the emotions and feelings I want to feel in the coming months and why it’s important to leave behind the ones that are no longer serving you
  • How going through the different parts of this exercise can help you easily identify what positive actions you need to take for next year
  • The big and significant things that happened to me in 2022, and how I’m looking forward to what this visioning exercise can bring for you and me in 2023

There’s so much to look forward to in life. Each new year that comes brings with it fresh new hopes, dreams, and desires. What we need to do is begin seeing and visualizing how much we can achieve and how brightly our light can shine. So here’s to you. Here’s to all of us. Here’s to a new year filled with love, joy, beauty, and light.


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