Always Bet on Yourself with Ashley DeLuca EP: 125

podcast Feb 08, 2023

If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that our stories, when shared with the best of intentions, shine a light for others and show them they are not alone. And most importantly, stories provide inspiration, comfort, and hope that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

Today’s special guest is my good friend, client, and LIGHTbeamer, Ashley DeLuca. At a young age and in a short amount of time, Ashley has gone through and come out of a situation that takes others years to overcome. She’s such an amazing person, and I can’t wait to dive into her story as she shares it with us today.

Here’s what Ashley and I talk about in this episode:

  • Having huge expectations for herself, doing everything right by society’s standards, and still ending up in grief and sadness
  • Standing in the middle of a video game conference, feeling lost, and realizing it was not how she wanted to feel for the rest of her life
  • What it means to live life in a quarterly abuse cycle that left her in a state of constant chaos and confusion
  • The difference between her life before and her life now, which Ashley describes as “complete night and day”
  • The importance of community and reaching out to others, even anonymously
  • Why she’s sharing her story and what it means to bet on herself

This conversation with Ashley is just so enlightening, and I hope her story inspires others to take action in their lives so they can live the kind of life they’ve always dreamed of.


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