Listeners’ Choice: Answering your Q's EP: 050

podcast Sep 01, 2021

You brought the questions; now I’m giving you the answers!

For today’s episode, I asked LIGHTbeamers Community members to send me their Qs about anything under the sun … and I got asked some really good ones!

Join me today as I share with you a little bit more about me, my views, and my business as I answer the questions you’ve been wanting to ask me!

So here are the LIGHTbeamers and their questions that truly got me thinking and reflecting! 

  • Author Kimberly Smith asks: where do you want to be in 10 years?
  • Recent podcast guest Leanne Smith wants to know what I think about investing in myself and setting boundaries that will allow me to level up
  • Jennifer Cook of Minimal and Well asks if I had limiting beliefs that held me back from achieving success (remember my money stories??) and what actually is my definition of success
  • Mental health advocate Reaiah Cubero wants to find out what have been the hardest and best parts of my journey so far
  • Pamela Sommers asks little girl me what I wanted to be when I grew up
  • And Debbie Adams wants to know how I bring on team members in my business and figure out their compensation

This was such a fun episode to record because I got to talk about and answer YOUR choice of topics and questions … and listening to YOU is a really important way for me to serve you!

So let’s keep the conversations going over at the LIGHTbeamers Community on Facebook and continue to shine light on our stories!

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