Getting Started Writing a Book with April Adams Pertuis EP: 182

podcast Feb 28, 2024

Have you ever dreamed of writing your own book? Of sharing your stories and insights through the written word for the world to read, yet felt daunted at the mere thought of taking on such a project? Well, what if I told you that the path to becoming an author, while not without challenges, is also possible with guidance and support? That your dream of sharing your story, your knowledge, and your vision through a book is not just a distant fantasy, but a tangible goal within your reach. 

In today's episode, I’m giving you a candid look behind the scenes of my own writing process, with insights and advice for anyone standing at the door of this very exciting adventure, yet hesitant to take the first step.

Listen in as I share with you:

  • My personal experience from transitioning to writing a solo book after previously co-authoring books
  • The importance of identifying the reason why you’re writing the book and knowing who your target audience is
  • Strategies for...
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Permission to Kick-a$& with Angie Colee EP: 181

podcast Feb 21, 2024

When the world often tells us what success looks like, believing in our own skills and potential can be tough. Doubts creep in, making us question if we're good enough to stand out and be proud of what we've achieved. But finding what we're truly good at is vital and possible. Embracing what we're great at is about celebrating our unique selves. 

Today, I’m thrilled to have business mentor Angie Colee on the show. Angie says her big life mission is: “I don't want a single creator, creative entrepreneur, or creative service provider to go to their grave thinking they're not enough, or will never figure this business thing out.”

So join me and Angie as we drop truth bomb after truth bomb, and discuss:

  • The importance of being true to oneself, resisting pressures to conform, and the value of owning one's unique path and story
  • Imposter syndrome and the ways people hold themselves back by not recognizing their own expertise and potential
  • The power of giving...
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Mixing your personal story into your professional world EP: 180

podcast Feb 14, 2024

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, where authenticity and connection are more valuable than ever, integrating your personal story into your business is not just beneficial—it's essential. Your personal journey, with its unique triumphs and trials, is a powerful tool that can transform your brand from just another name in the market to a relatable, trusted entity.

Today, let’s take a deep dive into one of the questions most often asked in storytelling: “How do I weave my personal story into my professional journey?” Join me as I give you some practical advice, examples, and a strategic framework to bridge the gap between your personal experiences and professional life.

Listen in as I discuss:

  • The human connection in business, and how, in a world where consumers are bombarded with generic marketing messages, personal stories stand out as beacons of authenticity
  • My framework for using personal stories that provides a blueprint for storytelling that is...
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How to Source your own Magic with Darla LeDoux EP: 179

podcast Feb 07, 2024

In a world where we often look outside ourselves for answers, the concept of "sourced magic" invites us to turn inward and discover the unique gifts that lie within. Sourced magic is the innate ability every individual has to connect with their inner wisdom, intuition, and creativity, harnessing these powers to create transformation in their lives and the lives of others. It’s about recognizing that we each have a special kind of magic that, when tapped into, can lead to profound insights, growth, and change.

Today on The Inside Story Podcast, we are joined by Darla LeDoux, a transformational business coach dedicated to empowering others to confidently offer and deliver deep transformational work with their magical gifts.

Join me today as I talk to Darla about:

  • Embracing sourced magic and the importance of individuals recognizing and harnessing their unique inner abilities
  • Darla’s personal transformative journey and the series of events that led her to reevaluate her...
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From Stripper to Keynote Speaker & Author with Jaime Konzelman EP: 178

podcast Jan 31, 2024

Life is complex. It’s a series of transitions and transformations, often leading us down paths we least expect. Sometimes, we go through unconventional and challenging phases that ultimately reshape our identities. But regardless of what we go through, we all know we need courage to come out on the other side.

In today’s episode, we are getting to know Jaime Konzelman, a woman whose life story embodies resilience and metamorphosis. Jaime's journey is a testament to the unexpected routes life can take us on, and the extraordinary outcomes that can emerge from embracing these changes. Her story is a powerful reminder of the strength that lies in vulnerability and the profound impact of sharing our truth with the world.

Listen in on our conversation, as Jaime shares with us:

  • Her backstory working in strip clubs, and how this played a significant role in her personal and professional development
  • How she transitioned from working in strip clubs to pursuing a...
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From SAHM to Burlesque Dancer with Eva D'Luscious EP: 177

podcast Jan 24, 2024

Going on the journey to find your true authentic self is a deeply personal and unique experience. It is marked by self-reflection and experimentation. But this journey is often not easy. Still, embracing the path of discovery leads to the ultimate reward of authenticity and the empowering confidence that comes with truly knowing who you are.

Meet Eva, a stay-at-home-mom turned burlesque dancer who, in the process, has also become an inspiration for women seeking to reclaim their sense of self and joy. Eva's journey into the world of burlesque began after motherhood, a time when she felt a disconnect from her personal identity and sought a path back to her own true self. With a background in dance and a natural comfort with her body, Eva found in burlesque not only an artistic outlet but also a tool for self-empowerment and healing.

Join me and Eva as we talk about:

  • How burlesque helped her reconnect with joy, creativity, and self-identity, especially after becoming a mother
  • The...
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Seeking Pleasure AND Profits with Satisfaction Strategist Rachel Anzalone EP: 176

podcast Jan 17, 2024

Unlocking a fulfilling and successful entrepreneurial journey involves embracing the idea that pleasure can and should be at the forefront of our business strategies.

But what does that actually mean?

In today’s episode of The Inside Story Podcast, Rachel Anzalone introduces the concept of a "satisfaction strategy" in business. It’s finding balance between impact, profit, and pleasure, and doing meaningful work while experiencing deep, integrated satisfaction.

Tune in as Rachel and I discuss:

  • Her satisfaction strategy, where she emphasizes the importance of aligning impact, profit, and pleasure in a customized and intentional way
  • A holistic business approach where you can balance impact, profit, and pleasure
  • The importance of creating custom business practices tailored to your values, desires, and capabilities – and that make you feel good!!
  • Common pitfalls such as focusing solely on impact without considering profit, or becoming overwhelmed by profit pursuits at...
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Why Speaking is a Skill You Can No Longer Ignore EP: 175

podcast Jan 10, 2024

In both our personal and professional lives, effective communication is a necessity for success. Specifically if you’re a business owner or leader, public speaking is an indispensable skill if you want to make an impact. The ability to articulate ideas, share a compelling vision, and connect with audiences has become a game-changer in driving business growth and fostering strong relationships.

But despite its undeniable importance, many individuals stop themselves from doing public speaking because of fears and apprehensions surrounding the practice. It's important to recognize that this fear is natural, and overcoming it requires intentional efforts, practice, and a shift in mindset. 

Join me today as I talk about:

  • How speaking has become a non-negotiable skill that’s essential for success
  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking and how you can build confidence and gradually allay the anxiety associated with public speaking
  • Recognizing speaking opportunities as...
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The #1 Obstacle that Keeps People from Telling Their Story (and how to fix it!) EP: 174

podcast Dec 20, 2023

Storytelling is a fundamental aspect of our human experience. In recognizing and embracing our individual stories, we not only celebrate the diversity of human existence but also forge authentic connections with others. We discover a shared humanity that transcends barriers, fostering a sense of community and reinforcing the belief that, indeed, we all have stories worth telling.

A few episodes back, I shared with you the challenges women face when sharing their story. Today, we’ll dive deeper into one of these challenges and how we can move forward even when we face this obstacle.

Join me today as I share with you:

  • The number one obstacle that prevents us from sharing our stories
  • The concept of micro stories and how these hold significance when shared authentically
  • What survivor's perspective is and the impact of a survivor’s story to those who hear it
  • The importance of understanding one's audience
  • That regardless of the perceived size or complexity of the story,...
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Becoming Sober*ish with Holly Krivo EP: 173

podcast Dec 13, 2023

In our society, where what's considered normal meets personal choices, how women relate to alcohol is complex talk. From breaking stereotypes to looking inside ourselves, how women drink shows a mix of societal and personal factors. And now more than ever, it's important to clear up misconceptions about alcohol and help women choose wisely.

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the relationship between women and alcohol. A sensitive topic, yes … but one that needs to be talked about. I’m joined by Holly Krivo, a certified coach who tackles this issue head-on and gives us a glimpse into how she created freedom from alcohol on her own terms and helps others do the same.

Join me and Holly as we talk about: 

  • The societal expectations and cultural norms that often surround women and alcohol consumption
  • Our personal journeys with alcohol and the importance of self-reflection and acknowledging the individual nature of this journey
  • The Soberish Experiment,...
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