Community Spotlight - Leanne Smith EP: 049

podcast Aug 25, 2021

When I think of the term “Force of Happiness”, I think of only one person -- LIGHTbeamers Community member and my good friend, Leanne Smith.

Leanne brings so much sunshine into our Community and her smile and laughter can brighten any dark day, but she’ll be the first to tell you she hasn’t always been the Force of Happiness that she is today.

So what made the difference? How did Leanne leave the hard, heavy, and dark world she used to be in behind, and get to this positive place where she really wanted to be?

Join me in today’s episode as I talk to Leanne and she shares with me:

  • The one word Leanne was writing at the top of her journal for years that eventually led her to our Community! 
  • What it felt like living in dark times, being tied to an old version of herself and wanting to step into a new and brighter place -- and finding LIGHTbeamers at just the right time
  • The transformation that happened when she looked at herself in the mirror -- this is a powerful story all by itself!
  • How investing in this ONE THING led to her becoming a better version of herself. 
  • Why she has come to embrace vulnerability in sharing her story, and how it has helped her on her journey to real happiness
  • How she’s incorporating storytelling in everything she is doing now, and the transformation it’s having on her life and business. 
  • Her advice to someone who’s about to get into the world of storytelling 

Leanne’s story inspires us and gives us hope that the life we want for ourselves is possible. We need to make the choice to take our power back from the negative stories in our heads and instead, remember that there is beauty and happiness beyond the dark place we are in right now.

We only need to look at ourselves in the mirror and see that we can be a force of anything that’s good, if only we only allow our real selves to break through.


Leanne’s Force of Happiness Facebook group
Leanne on Instagram 

If you want to begin your storytelling journey, head over to the LIGHTbeamers Community on Facebook! We have prompts which will help you excavate and share the stories that are inside of you!

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