Money Stories with Alexandra Taketa EP: 021

podcast Feb 03, 2021

We all have money stories. Yet this topic is one that most of us shy away from and are even discouraged from discussing. Whether it’s from being told that it’s not polite to talk about money, or we’re too ashamed to discuss our own financial status, we do not talk about wealth as much as we should.

But more than just the amount that’s sitting in your bank account (although this matters quite a lot!), true wealth depends on the mindset we have about money and our relationship with it, and letting ourselves open up to the infinite abundance that is our birthright.

Today, my dear friend and money mentor Alexandra Taketa shares with us how our money stories can either stop us from reaching our full wealth potential, or allow us to attract the unlimited and abundant life of our dreams.

So listen in as Alexandra and I discuss:

  • Her own money story rooted from childhood, and the work she did (and still continues to do!) to shift from a state of lack into the reality of a full, rich life
  • The lightbulb moment when Alexandra realized her story wasn’t just about money, but was actually a reflection of how much worth she placed on herself
  • My own money story stemming from childhood experiences that made me set income limitations for myself
  • The scarcity mindset versus the abundance mindset, and how we should all work toward having the latter!
  • The mission behind Alexandra’s work and her belief that abundance not only improves your life, but gives you the opportunity to create more impact in the world
  • Dispelling the notion that you have to struggle to make money and coming up with our mantra: “It gets to be easy”

 At the end of the day, we all have the power to change our money script. We can flip the coin and shift our thoughts from never having enough, to being confident in our capacity to make or receive money. To get there, we have to start feeling and believing that we are already in a place of abundance, and the positive energy we give off is the same energy that will come back to us, tenfold.





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