Closing the Confidence Gap for Women with Jenny Ward EP: 096

podcast Jul 20, 2022

In the work that I do, I help women dig out their story and amplify their visibility as they share it. But far too often, I find that women stay small and limit the stories they share because they’re afraid of being judged as having too much to say.

As a recruiter matching people and jobs, Jenny Ward found the same to be true. And wanting to do more for women seeking to grow professionally, she intentionally became a career coach to help “purpose-driven women finally get the career they want and the money they deserve”.

Jenny shared so many meaningful insights, and I invite you to join us as we talk about:

  • Shifting from being a corporate recruiter to becoming a career and transition coach helping women tell their professional stories
  • Battling imposter syndrome as she worked to advocate for her own coaching practice, and breaking free from her own limiting beliefs
  • Confidence gap and how women suffer not from lack of confidence, but because they think they need to keep quiet, stay small, and remain humble
  • Her TEDx experience and the moment she froze on stage
  • What inspires her to keep showing up every day and what keeps her up at night

It’s true what they say: Empowered women empower women. By overcoming thoughts and beliefs that weren’t serving her, Jenny now works and is committed to seeing more women finally get the job – and PAY – that they want and deserve. It’s this kind of empowerment we all need to subscribe to, both for ourselves and the women around us.


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