Feminine Conditioning with Diann Wingert EP: 036

podcast May 26, 2021

In the work that I do, I help women dig out their story and amplify their visibility as they share it. But speaking your mind, telling your story and becoming more visible along the way can be quite hard — especially when you’re a woman who’s expected by society to stay small and stay quiet.

In today’s episode, I am talking to Diann Wingert — a therapist turned coach who works with women who have high potential but are under-achieving partly because they are holding themselves back. We uncover why women choose to stay behind the scenes, and what we should be doing instead.

My conversation with Diann is rich with so many nuggets of wisdom. Here are some of what we talk about:

  • The definition of feminine conditioning and what Diann observed in her years as a psychotherapist
  • Why she loves working with women who are in their mid-life
  • Biological conditions that have contributed to feminine conditioning (you may be surprised!)
  • Telling yourself you’re never ready to do anything but really saying, “I’m not enough”, and being willing to face the fear to do amazing things for yourself
  • Her reason for pivoting from therapist to coach, and her belief that “change proceeds at the pace we allow it”
  • Acknowledging that time is short and that whatever it is you need to do for yourself, THE TIME IS NOW to do it (YES!! 🙌)

I can’t emphasize enough (and I’ve always been advocating for this) that women need to choose and say YES to themselves. Take action now, step into your brave, or even do it scared! But go ahead and do it — whatever that may be — because the time is now for women — for YOU! — to get visible and take your seat at the table.

No more waiting. You have all you need. You are the HOW.


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