When You're "Too Much" EP: 045

podcast Jul 28, 2021

Have you ever been called too much of anything?

I’d be willing to bet that at some point, each one of us has been judged, labeled, and called “too much” of something by other people. And I’m pretty sure we’ve listened to what others say about us far more than we should, and actually believed their words even when we know they’re not true.

It’s no wonder we find ourselves exhausted from trying to be what everyone expects us to be, instead of being who we really are.

I invite you to tune in to this episode as I share with you:

  • A LIGHTbeamers Community member’s story of how she struggled with a label that came out of a personality test
  • How labels and inferences are used to keep women from amplifying their strengths
  • Adjusting ourselves to suit other people’s standards
  • How another person’s opinion of you is more about them than it is about you
  • Allowing yourself to be authentically you and being confident that who you are is just right 

It’s so much easier to just conform to society’s idea of what we should be, than to be called “too much”.

But today, I challenge you to embrace your too much-ness. Appreciate who you are. And when anyone says you’re too much, keep calm and say: “I am who I am, and my being too much is just right for me.”

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