The BEST of The Inside Story EP: 114

podcast Nov 23, 2022

After more than two years and more than a hundred episodes of The Inside Story Podcast, I’ve gotten firmer in my belief that everyone has a story and that storytelling is an important piece of the human experience.

And since we started the podcast, I’ve talked to and interviewed inspiring people who openly shared their stories with us, and I’ve also thrown in a few stories of my own, plus some tips and tricks on how to get you started on your own storytelling journey.

So join me today as we rediscover the BEST of The Inside Story Podcast, and listen to snippets from the top 5 episodes:

  • The Inside Story with April Pertuis EP: 001
  • Cancer, Covid, Courage, and Creativity with Ros Banksia-Smith EP: 005
  • The Long Game with Sandra Scaiano EP: 003
  • Story is All Around You EP: 026
  • Boobless and Fabulous with Lacey Marie EP: 006


Thank you to everyone who has been supporting the show since day 1! I appreciate you all so much and I hope you stick around for more inside stories.



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