Boobless and Fabulous with Lacey Marie EP: 006

podcast Oct 21, 2020

Today’s guest is Lacey Marie, with amazing inside stories of her own. If there is one word I’d use to describe Lacey, it would be “survivor.” Despite many experiences on many different levels, she continues to march forward with strength and love. She’s also someone who takes the challenges and shares them openly with others in a way that makes my heart sing. Listen in to see how she harnesses the power of her story.

Here’s what Lacey and I cover in this episode:   

  • Does Lacey see herself as a survivor? You’ll love her answer, which can help you to move through your own challenges.
  • Why I reached out to Lacey and what I think people can learn from her story (which leaves a lot of people breathless when they hear it).
  • Viewing the events in hindsight, Lacey explains how several of the major blows in her life were actually related to each other and later affected her own challenges over time.
  • How navigating multiple blows over the years, many in close succession, changed her and strengthened her as a person.
  • How she managed as a single mom with 4 kids, no resources, and without a home.
  • What finally got her through a chronic, mysterious and nearly deadly illness that sapped her energy and shrank her weight to 80 pounds.
  • The complex and demanding relationship with her religion that influenced her to choose against her own instincts, leading to a disastrous second marriage.
  • Lacey’s epiphany when she realized that, despite the doctors’ terminal diagnosis, she knew they were wrong and that she held the power to choose life or death.
  • Her radical decision related to removal of her breast implants.
  • How Lacey decided to become the voice for the women who've gone through the same challenges that she has and what keeps her moving forward.
  • The latest blow Lacey received that completely rocked her recent equilibrium—and ultimately led to newfound love for herself.


Additional Resources for Breast Implant Illness: 
Additional Resources for Going Flat: 

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