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Transform your speaking prowess in 2024!
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June 10-14 2024




Speaking is the way you can reach potential customers on a personal level, and influence their buying decisions. 


We’ll walk you through the exact steps you need to take to start Speaking in 2024!
  •    Day 1: Develop your Speaker Bio (even if you haven’t spoken before!)
  •    Day 2: Create your Speaker Statement — to magnetize the right audiences to you!
  •    Day 3: Identify your Keynote talk
  •    Day 4: Beef up your Credibility and Authority as a Speaker
  •    Day 5: Create your Speaker Media Kit and get ready to launch!
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  •   Position yourself as a go-to expert in your industry

  •   Get massive exposure to people who otherwise would never find you!

  •   Add additional revenue to your business by getting paid to speak, even if you’ve never talked publicly before.

  •   Discover the domino effect of opportunities that occurs following every talk.

  •   Take advantage of the digital tools that make becoming an in-demand speaker easier than ever!


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never stood on a stage or spoken to a live audience before…. In today’s world, speakers are in high demand and the need is growing. Everyone is looking for an expert to come in and teach or inspire

Enter You and Your Story!

Using the powerful storytelling tools you’ve come to expect from Lightbeamers, we’ll show you the many ways you can add “Speaker” to your title and get booked (and paid!) to lead your next talk!

From free events all the way up to gigs that pay $10K+ —
you can easily grow as a speaker!

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Television Journalist & Producer turned Storytelling and Visibility Expert, April Adams Pertuis helps mission-driven female entrepreneurs and business leaders use their story to amplify their impact and income by increasing their visibility on stages, in books, and digital media.

April is the CEO and Founder of LIGHTbeamers, and the Author of two Amazon International Bestselling books that were produced and published through the Lightbeamers Author Program. She also hosts the top-rated weekly podcast, The Inside Story, and is a highly sought after Speaker and Women's Empowerment Thought Leader.

April's expertise spans more than 30 years in the storytelling and media industry and her work has appeared to CBS Television, HGTV, Food Network, Huffington Post, and FOX Television.

Beyond all of the career achievement, April is best known for her positive outlook on life, magnetic energy, and cheerleader-type of support. When you get around April, you start to believe anything is possible. She operates from a standpoint of “no woman left behind” and it’s what has helped her build a wildly engaged online global Community reaching over 10 different countries.

April has helped hundreds of women build their brand authority through podcast appearances, speaking engagements, and book launches. She has a philosophy that "everybody has a story"... and when you share your story, you shine a light.

A 5-day Speaker Bootcamp

June 10-14 2024

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