Question The Drink with Kari Schwear EP: 078

podcast Mar 16, 2022

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Do I drink too much?”, and go back and forth between saying yes and no without really understanding why, today is a good day to listen to The Inside Story Podcast.

Our guest for this episode is Kari Schwear, Founder of GrayTonic and the Question the Drink movement. She’s a former gray area drinker who struggled with understanding how and why she landed there. She shares her story of finding out what her real problem was, and how she’s now helping others who are stuck in the gray area.

There’s so much to gain from my conversation with Kari, so I invite you to listen in as we talk about:

  • When her journey of questioning the drink began, and how and what she learned about the gray area
  • Why having awareness and paying close attention can help you begin to have the right mindset about alcohol and your relationship with it
  • Her reason for starting the business and how she’s empowering 
  • How her programs Question...
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Author Spotlight - Courage through Grief with Deb Cummins Stellato EP: 077

podcast Mar 09, 2022

Vulnerability seems like such a big, scary word. But when we allow ourselves to become vulnerable at the right moment, something magical can happen.

Deb Cummins Stellato is another one of our authors for Elevate Your Voice, the first ever LIGHTbeamers collaborative book. She considers herself the Princess of Pivots, having gone through so many changes in a span of a few short years.

Today, Deb tells us what it means to power through grief with courage, vulnerability, and acceptance.

Join me and Deb as we talk about:

  • How her storytelling has evolved and what the continuum of courage is
  • The invitation to write a chapter for the LIGHTbeamers collaborative book, and the fears that came with making her story public
  • Her writing journey and the pain that came with reliving the grief of her mother's death
  • How sharing her story has helped her heal and move forward
  • The experience of becoming an author for Elevate Your Voice, and what it felt like to build a community with the other women of...
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Leading From the Top in Network Marketing with Trisha Deming EP: 076

podcast Mar 02, 2022

In the line of work I do, I always have women come up to me and tell me that they want to change their lives, and live in alignment with their passion and purpose. And the advice I give to them is to go all in and to focus their energy on what the outcome they want to achieve, because really, it takes 100% of your commitment to see results.

Trisha Deming did just that: she persevered and made the decision to only move forward (and not look back!) in the network marketing industry. The result? She’s living her best life today and is doing what she can to help others create the life they want.

There’s so much you can take away from our conversation, so listen in as Trisha and I talk about:

  • How she was living on autopilot and no longer finding fulfillment in her business
  • Experiencing failure and making the decision to not give in the face of adversity
  • What has changed for her after finding success in network marketing, especially the self-development that came with not...
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Author Spotlight: Paving the Way with Pamela Meadows EP: 075

podcast Feb 23, 2022

So many of us women -- yes, myself included -- have been conditioned to think that we should stay small and quiet, to stay behind the scenes even when we have something valuable to give to our community.

One woman is trying to change that by helping other women learn how to “say NO to things that don’t serve you and YES to things that light you on fire.” Pamela Meadows -- one of the 14 women who took up the challenge to elevate their voice and let their story be told -- is on a mission to help women create and live their best lives.

Join me and Pamela today, as she and I talk about:

  • How she owned her expertise and what she did to advocate for herself in the workplace
  • What she’s doing now to affect change in the company she’s with, including getting everyone to have their own Smile File!
  • Her reason for joining the LIGHTbeamers Author Program and what it was like for her to go on this journey
  • Her message to women about confidence, value, and self-worth,...
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Community Highlights - Your Empowered Spirit with Terri Ann Heiman EP: 074

podcast Feb 16, 2022

Today on The Inside Story Podcast, I’m featuring another LIGHTbeamer as part of our Community Highlights -- a series focusing on members of our Community who are working on sharing their story to shine a light for others.

Terri Ann Heiman landed in the LIGHTbeamers world more than a year ago, and since that time, I’ve seen her embrace storytelling as a way to reach the audience she serves: those who want to dig deep into their soul, find their spirit, and transform their life.

Join me and Terri, as she and I talk about:

  • Her backstory and what happened as a result of her not paying attention to what was going on around her
  • The day she heard the words, “You’re going to be okay,” and her vow to follow that voice
  • The awakening period in her life and her journey to healing
  • How storytelling has helped her reach more people, allowing them to relate to her better as she does her work of being an intuitive healer and spiritual mentor
  • What it means to have an...
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Story “Composting” EP: 073

podcast Feb 09, 2022

Last week, I talked about creating and building your story bank.

Today, we’re going to look into story “composting” and yes, this is something akin to what we do when we want to use or recycle organic matter to enrich and improve the soil and make it fertile.

When it comes to stories, composting can also happen, but what exactly does this entail? What do we do in order to let our stories bloom over time?

Join me in today’s episode of The Inside Story Podcast as I share with you:


  • How story composting works, and why having a story bank is an important part of it
  • Why your storytelling journey can take time to progress – and it isn’t because you’re story’s not good enough!
  • The 4 key things you need to have to make your own story composting a success


Storytelling involves trusting the process and knowing that one of these days, you will share your story in a way that comes naturally and with so much depth. And when that...

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Creating a Story Bank EP: 072

podcast Feb 02, 2022

If you’ve ever wondered how and where content creators get their ideas for what they post on social media, you’re in for a sweet and practical treat!

Today on The Inside Story Podcast, I’m sharing with you how I do it – create story-based content on repeat without ever running out of ideas! 

If you implement my simple exercise, you’ll find stories everywhere, even right under your nose! 

If you’re ready to listen, grab your headphones and join me as I share:

  • Why you need to have a story bank – and it’s not just for content creation!
  • Some tips on how to create your own story bank, including my favorite tool or app for storing all my ideas
  • A short inside story about a social media post I’m sharing soon
  • Two quick and simple exercises you can do right now to start creating your story bank
  • An invitation you don’t want to miss!

I often say, story is all around you. Big stories, tiny ones – they’re all...

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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Elevating Women in Ministry with Becky Burroughs EP: 071

podcast Jan 26, 2022

Today’s episode of The Inside Story Podcast is the fourth in a series I’m doing, with the women authors of Elevate Your Voice, the LIGHTbeamers collaborative book project. 

Becky Burroughs is a leadership coach and education junkie whose focus is on faith-based principles. Her goal is to empower women to live their lives and lead with courage, credibility, and confidence, and to help them discover what makes them unique and embrace that quality in them.

Becky is such an inspiration to talk to, so I invite you to listen in as we discuss:

  • The circumstances surrounding her decision to work with women in ministry and why she got into leadership coaching
  • Why she says women are still part of the problem when it comes to equality in the workplace and in society in general
  • The identity crisis she went through after suffering from loss – and what she discovered about herself
  • The amazing journey she feels lucky to have gone on by joining our Author Program for the...
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Nowhere to Go with George Kalantzis EP: 070

podcast Jan 19, 2022

How do you use the pain of your past to unlock the highest and truest potential of your future?

By sharing your story.

George Kalantzis is a Life Coach and author of the Amazon best-seller, Nowhere to Go. In this powerful book about navigating life’s toughest transitions, George helps the reader let go of the past and move into the future with strength, dignity, and optimism. But today on The Inside Story Podcast, he first shares with us how he had to take a deeper look at his own past and accept it, in order to fully live in the present.

Join me and George as we talk about:

  • His backstory and the different transitions he went through in life, that eventually led him to his lowest point
  • What actions and steps he took to start making positive changes
  • His poetry journey that started with a journal and voice memos about what was happening to him
  • What it means to be a real man in the world today, and what he does to keep his thoughts, words, and actions aligned to who he really...
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Being, Doing, Becoming EP: 069

podcast Jan 12, 2022

If you’re ready to step into your best self and live your best life this 2022, then this episode is for YOU.

Yes, it’s easy to make goals and envision the kind of person we need to become to achieve them. But more often than not, we find ourselves not knowing where to begin, or getting lost along the way, and eventually just giving up on our goals and visions!

Today, I’m here to tell you that there IS a way -- in fact, a process , that will help you get to where you want to be.

Join me today as I share with you:

  •    The process of Being, Doing, and Becoming
  •    What questions you need to ask yourself as you work your way towards your goal
  •    Why it’s important to stay on track as you go on your journey -- and what to do when you find yourself going off-course

I'd love for you to give this a try. And I definitely would love to know how this process now changes the way you think, and act.

Share your thoughts with me over at...

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