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I’m coming off a huge weekend high, as I launched and hosted my first LIVE event in Dallas Texas on Saturday — the first Storytelling Symposium to empower women.

4 other Speakers joined me for the half-day workshop, as we poured into the audience our best advice, tips, and inspiration to help them step more fully into their own story — and use it to shine a light into the world.

I shared with the audience a vision I had recently while meditating at a women’s retreat I attended last month.

The meditation had me imagining a golden light shining down on top of me. I immediately saw this light in my minds eye, and could see myself as a dark shadow under this golden light.

And in that moment, I heard a click — and it was as if I turned on a flashlight. Suddenly, the dark shadow was gone and below that big golden light was my light shining.

And then I heard two more clicks…. and two dark shadows below me suddenly filled with light…. representing two other women who were turning on their lights.

And then it was 4 clicks…. 4 more lights were turned on under those women.

I could see all of this unfolding in the shape of a pyramid and with each flashlight that turned on…. a few more underneath would click on.

The entire vision was a message to me…. that with these Symposiums, with the work I do at lightbeamers, with these daily flash briefings…. each time I show up to do the work I love to do, to empower women to grab hold of their own story…. I am helping them turn their lights on as a result.

It was a powerful meditation and vision…. and one I could see and interpret so clearly.

I shared this story with the women at the Symposium on Saturday…. and admitted this vision felt a bit lofty to me…. because I could see how the pyramid can build infinitely as long as we keep turning our flashlights on….. that’s a whole lot of people to influence.

But then I reminded myself that it’s not all up to me. All I have to do is click my flashlight on… show up and share my story and do my best to influence someone else positively ….. and then it trickles down from there.

It’s not all up to you either, but you can be part of the light-shining pyramid.

In the last 24- hours since the Symposium wrapped, I’ve had so many women who were in attendance reach out to me and send me messages, letting me know they were turning on their flashlight.

So my message today to you is a simple one. Turn on your flashlight. Fill your dark shadows by simply showing up for yourself, and showing up for the women who will come behind you and see a way to turn their own light on.

I’d love to invite you to join us in the LIGHTbeamers Community on Facebook — this is our private facebook group that is free to join — this is a safe place for you to come and learn more about storytelling and how to dig the story out of you… which elements to use to help you turn on your own flashlight. I hope you’ll join us!

Stories are a powerful way to communicate with others. —
Give your own story a chance… let it shine a light for someone else.…. As always, I’ll be cheering for you!


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