The LIGHT of Lucy

For more than 20 years now, I’ve been interviewing people as part of my work as a video producer, writer, and journalist. I always consider it a great privilege and honor when people accept my invitation for the interview, and proceed to answer the questions I ask…

Ultimately, this leads to them sharing their story with me — and there’s always this magical moment that happens at some point inside the interview… it’s like a chime that goes off in my head…. a little bell rings to signal that moment when we’ve hit our target. I’ve uncovered a golden piece of their story.

This happened yesterday when I was interviewing my guest on the Bright Light’s Storytelling Series—  a weekly Facebook Live interview I do on Thursdays.

I was interviewing Lucy Brummett, a writer and blogger who went from being riddled with insecurity and self-doubt…. to stepping out as a writer & bloggers to be seen and heard. When I dug a little deeper at ask about her insecurities, she shared how she’d been afflicted with Bells Palsy, usually a temporary condition that paralyzes half of your face…. but in her case, she was one of the small percentage of people who never fully recovered. Learning to cope with her new facial features sent her into a storm of insecurity and self doubt.

It wasn’t until a friend painted a beautiful portrait of her that she began to wake up to the idea that perhaps the only person who noticed her facial disfigurements was her. She realized in that moment that the way other people saw her differed greatly to how she saw herself.

And that was the boost in confidence she needed to start blogging and writing, to share her story with others… in a very public way.

I was blown away by the dark experience she’d been through and how much LIGHT she shined by sharing her story.

It reminded me of the fundamental truth I often share with LIGHTbeamers, which is when you share your story, you shine a light.

And that was certainly the case when Lucy shared her story with us!

I invite you to check out the full interview and be inspired by Lucy’s powerful message, here on my FB page.

You’ll also discover how Lucy and I were introduced, and the fun way she was introduced to the LIGHTbeamers Community

Be sure to also read more of Lucy's story on her blog:

The moral of the story is to never let your own doubts and insecurities get in the way of you sharing your story with others, as the way others see you is much more favorable and beautiful than you expect.

When you share your story, you do indeed shine a light.


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