SPOTLIGHT: Madge Gillen

Before I met Madge Gillen, I did not have the slightly clue what Foot Zoning was. 

Do you?  Have you ever heard of this?

Madge was already a big part of the LIGHTbeamers Community and was sharing a lot about self love... when she began exploring her story deeper, and discovered a powerful healing modality that has quite literally changed her life! 

I've watched her enthusiasm and passion reach a whole new level. Her energy is infectious! 

I had to feature her this month so more of you could get to know this bubbly, superhuman. When she says "sunshine in my soul" -- you can feel it! 🌞

APRIL: Madge, I love how your story has evolved over time. Tell us a little bit about your journey!

MADGE: I was that person who would say “YES!” to everyone and everything. Before I knew it I was in the PTA, I was a room mom, I was a High School Cheer coach, I was on the Board of Dyslexia for the State of Utah, I was a Girls Scout Leader, I was a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.

I was overwhelmed, and burnt out. I was frustrated, I wasn’t getting any sleep and I was not healthy.

One morning, I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person staring back. This person looked tired, she looked lost, she had sad eyes, and she was hollow.

Blinking a couple of times I remember standing there as tears rolled down my cheeks. Who was this person? Where was the dreamer? The girl who saw something she wanted and went for it? The sparkly, blue-eyed beauty who loved life?

As I stood there unable to recognize my own reflection, I knew that something needed to happen. But what? How do you find the person that was hiding in the dark corner? How do you convince them that it is okay to come out? My mind was blank. Where do I start?

I decided that I needed to start with my health. I needed to work on ME!

I joined a weight loss challenge. I started loosing weight and was feeling great. But slowly other things started to happen. My cup of life was starting to fill up. My cute hubby saw that I was starting to bloom. He could see that I had found the sunshine in my soul.  I had come out from hiding in the corner and I was standing tall and loving myself. The bright-eyed beauty was starting to come back, she was healing. She had unlocked her self love.

It was then that my hubby decided it was time for him to make a few changes and to take his health back, too!

Together we were a powerhouse. We were on an amazing journey together living our best lives! Vacations, camping, boating, you name it we did it! Over time, my hubby started feeling tired, warn down, dizzy, and lethargic. We went to many different specialists trying to find answers. They would listen, and take notes. They took blood and prescribed more vitamins. They took blood and gave different nutrition plans. Nothing helped. We were desperate.

A good friend suggested that we take a more holistic approach. We were introduced to Foot Zone Therapy and Essential Oils. Not knowing what was in store for us we made an appointment and seriously thought “we have nothing to lose”.

After several weeks of Foot Zone Therapy appointments and different essential oil blends, I saw with my own two eyes my hubby go from a pale grey, lethargic, unhealthy man to a tan, energetic, happy and healthier guy.

It was then and there my love for essential oils, foot zone therapy and holistic medicine was born.

I found myself wanting to learn all of the things. I wanted to help heal others the way I healed, the way my hubby healed. I wanted to help others live their best lives. I found my passion. My passion that quite literally set my soul on fire!

I knew that this is what I was meant for. I was meant to heal. To heal hearts, to heal bodies, to heal minds, and to heal souls. To teach others to unlock their self-love, to use essential oils in their daily lives to live their best life, and to use my hands to help heal a persons physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

I am excited to have been approved to become a Foot Zone Practitioner Instructor. I am a healer who is here to guide, mentor, love, and empower others to fill up their cups of life with health and wellness, confidence, and positive self-talk.


APRIL: What does being a LIGHTbeamer mean to you?

MADGE: Honestly, it's one of the best things I have done! Being a LIGHTbeamer has opened my eyes to storytelling. I have met so many amazing people who have become my close friends. It is an honor to be a LIGHTbeamer. Sharing my light with others and in return others sharing their bright light with me is so inspiring and empowering.

APRIL: What have you learned or discovered the most about storytelling and your story?

MADGE: I have learned that by telling my story I am reaching others on a personal level. My hope is there are pieces of my story they can relate to. By reading my story, they feel inspired and want to make the changes in their lives they may have been putting on the back burner. That they know there is someone out there that understands, and loves them.

APRIL: What's been the hardest part about learning how to share your story?

MADGE: Opening up and being vulnerable. Realizing that my story does matter, that others need to hear my story, and my why. That through my story I may help others, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

APRIL: What is one piece of advice you'd give to another woman about using her voice and sharing her story?

MADGE: To reach deep down inside and find your BRAVE! It is so freeing to use your voice. By sharing, you feel lighter! You are growing and the light inside of you will be so bright you radiate sunshine! Woman need other women, we rise by lifting each other up, inspiring, empowering and supporting. Using our voice is extremely important, we will not only radiate sunshine, we will help others grow.

APRIL: What do you love most about your work? 

MADGE: I love that I have the honor to help others release and let go of what is no longer serving them. That when they leave my chair, they feel like they are walking on a cloud; they feel lighter, and they are in a full state of balance. Foot Zone Therapy is more than just a "fancy foot rub" it is releasing physical, mental, emotional, and physical blockages in the body. Receiving texts, phone calls, DM's and PM's sharing the success they have felt since the zone is priceless. However, the very most important for me is that I continue to learn and grow. I can't help others heal if I am not continuing to help myself heal.

APRIL: What are you busy creating now?

MADGE: Do I let the cat out of the bag??? YUP!!! Here goes friends! I am starting to put together a class to learn about Chakras -- what they do and how essential oils can help. We will be making our own Custom Roller bottles for each Chakra. This will also be coming Spring/Summer 2021.

I am also becoming an instructor at We Do Feet Seminars and will be student teaching in June. If you or anyone you may know are interested in learning Foot Zoning I would love to chat with you!!!

I also currently have a course/study group called "Emotions and Essential Oils" and I will be re-launching my Unlock Your Self Love course in the Spring of 2021.

APRIL: Woah, you are busy! I love it. How do you relax after a busy week?

MADGE: Meditation, Hot baths, Coffee, Diet Coke and a good NETFLIX series.

APRIL: What kind of things do you like doing outside of work?

MADGE: * Reading *Razor Rides *Camping* Boating* Mule Riding and Traveling.

APRIL: List any accolades, professional credentials, awards, or special affiliations you are proud of!

MADGE: I am a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner (CFZP), Practice the Energy Connection Modality (taught by the amazing Susan Noall), Graduate of We Do Feet Seminars 2020. 

Be sure to connect with Madge! I can attest, she's super fun to follow! 

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