SPOTLIGHT: Deb Cummins Stellato

Every once in a while, a unicorn falls out of the sky and lands in your lap. 

That's how I feel about Deb Cummins Stellato. 

A little over a year ago, I received a private message on Facebook from Deb. We weren't connected. We weren't friends. She wasn't a member of the LIGHTbeamers Community. And we didn't have any friends in common. 

Yet, she was reaching out to me saying someone had referred her to me. She needed a Storytelling Coach, and could she please book a call with me?

When we got on our first call,  within about 2-seconds, I felt like I was talking to my long-lost sister. 

There was immediate synergy and connection between us, and needless to say, Deb became one of my private 1:1 clients and we immediately got to work working on her story (that would eventually be shared heavily on her Podcast, another project we built together). 

Deb has embraced storytelling like the A+ student she is, and she's approached all of her work as a Certified Life and Leadership Coach through the lens of storytelling this past year. 

Her business has exploded, her podcast is a raging success, and to this day, Deb and I continue to work together. At this point, I'm not sure if I'm helping her or she's helping me. Watching women rise and shine like Deb has this past year as been awe-inspiring to me. 

Truth be told -- it was watching Deb's own success with her podcast that finally pushed me off the edge to start my own. 

I'm so thrilled to share more of Deb with you in our Spotlight feature this month. Keep reading.... and soak up her wisdom!  

APRIL: You have worked so much on telling your story this past year. For those who don't already know you, give us a peek at who you are and how your story has shaped you.
DEB: At 58, my journey has had some clearly defined chapters. I consider myself the Queen of Pivots. I won't bore you with details, but I've worked in higher education, corporate consulting, the diversity, equity and inclusion space, fundraising and as CEO of Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley. Finally, in 2018, I made the ultimate pivot...launching my own business, The Think Good Company.

Then, I hit a major life-disruptor when both of my parents passed away within a span of 364 days. It sent me into a deep spell of grief during which time I was also getting my iPEC coaching certification and about to launch my podcast. I've learned you can hold the dark and the light in the same space. I've come through to the other side and I'm proud to say I've built a six-figure business as a solopreneur, leadership/pivot coach and podcaster.
APRIL: List any accolades, professional credentials, awards, or special affiliations you are proud of! 
DEB: I am a certified IPEC coach
APRIL: What does being a LIGHTbeamer mean to you? 
DEB: Being a LIGHTbeamer is a game-changer! It is a community of women committed to showing up and supporting each other. I have built professional connections but more importantly deep friendships through this community.
APRIL: What have you learned or discovered the most about storytelling and your story? 
DEB: I've learned how to cultivate the nuggets of my own journey so that I can shine the light for other women.
APRIL: What's been the hardest part about learning how to share your story? 
DEB: When I first started working with you, I was scared and overwhelmed to show up as my authentic self. I spent my professional life as the expert in the room. Sharing my story with others through my podcast, I committed to be vulnerable and to stop the #selfedit. To stop being #perfectly perfect. I worried about others judging me.
APRIL: What is one piece of advice you'd give to another woman about using her voice and sharing her story?
DEB: Don't make assumptions about the value of your story. Is it interesting enough? Will people care about it? We all have something inside of us that needs to be shared. Sharing it with others is a powerful internal journey and a gift to others.
APRIL: What do you love most about your work?
DEB: I consider myself to be a creative connector. An ignitor of people and organizations. As a coach, I get to do what I love everyday by supporting others on their journey to live a life that is aligned with their values. There is nothing better than seeing my clients stepping into their brave!
APRIL: What are you busy creating now? 
DEB: I am launching a new program in 2021 called The Think Courageously Academy. It will include an on-line course with a group coaching component. My big, hairy, audacious goal is to do a TED Talk in 2021 centered around  what I've learned about Thinking Courageously from the women who have been guests on my show.
APRIL: How do you relax after a busy week? 
DEB: My guilty pleasures include on-line shopping, dog walking, and binging bad reality TV. There is nothing better than a few uninterrupted hours of BRAVO!
APRIL: What kind of things do you like doing outside of work? 
DEB: I love reading about anything about self-improvement and leadership. I'm part of a very special bookclub and I love exploring interesting reads with other women. I am the mama of a blended family. They have all left the nest so I shower my two doodles and two felines with lots of love. And, I am fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive husband to share this journey of life with.

Deb is all of that and a bag of chips!  I adore her and her creative mind! 

I highly encourage you to follow her, connect with her, and most definitely tun into her podcast. 
Here are all her important channels:
Podcast: The Think Courageously Podcast
Facebook Page: Think Good  which is all about leadership
Facebook Group: Think Courageously which focuses on supporting successful women as they find the courage to make pivots.
Instagram: and
Email: deb@thinkgoodcompany

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