Getting to the Root of Self-Promotion with Award-winning Storyteller Adera Angelucci EP: 144

podcast Jun 21, 2023

When we talk about self-promotion, we talk about the ability to engage in meaningful conversations about ourselves with others, enabling us to build connections and establish genuine relationships. By developing this skill, we create an environment where people feel comfortable opening up and sharing their own stories with us. It may not be easy, but self-promotion is something we need to practice to gain confidence and increase our self-worth.

Adera Angelucci, who was previously a guest host on this show (check out episode 139 where she takes over The Inside Story Podcast!!), is back again and talks about self-promotion and becoming comfortable sharing yourself with the world.

It’s always a pleasure having Adera on the show, so I invite you to listen in as we discuss:

  • What self-promotion is and why women should stop seeing it as a negative practice
  • How everyone – including the two of us!! – has moments of self-doubt
  • Her work at Spiro Creative, her love for storytelling, and becoming inspired by the people who share their stories with her
  • What it means to find your own wings and fly your own way in her book, Free Spirit
  • How Gerard Butler’s movie “P.S. I love You” became a significant factor in her going back to loving herself and moving towards the direction of her dreams
  • Realizing that nothing is packaged the way we envision it but is always the right thing for us

The art of self-promotion goes beyond personal gain; it becomes a gateway to fostering deep connections and mutual understanding. And my challenge to you today is to practice this and allow yourself to show up in the world because trust me, someone out there needs you and needs to hear your story.


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