Podcast Takeover: Adera Angelucci Interviews April Adams Pertuis about Lightbeamers EP: 139

podcast May 17, 2023

I enjoy meeting people who love storytelling as much as I do. Even more so if they’re the kind who are willing to take over my podcast, put me on the hot seat, and let me share my own inside stories!!

Adera Angelucci is the co-founder, director, and producer of the award-winning video and marketing company, SPIRO Creative. SPIRO brings exceptional people and brands to life through video storytelling and marketing. Adera is a kindred spirit, and today she takes over the show!

This was such a fun episode to do, so I invite you to listen in as Adera asks me some really interesting questions and we talk about:

  • How I make sense of the world through storytelling, out of which I made an exciting career
  • Shifting our mindset about sharing stories and allowing ourselves to heal through the power of storytelling
  • An experience from 30 years ago that recently surfaced for me and allowed me to see in a positive way despite its negativity
  • The impact of female conditioning on our ability and willingness to share our stories
  • Plus!! Why we decided to do a podcast takeover and how we chose each other for this super fun project

Of course, we couldn’t end the show without knowing about Adera, too! She shares with me the kind of storytelling she does at SPIRO Creative and why self-promotion should be a key thing for women.

This was such a great experience for me to be interviewed on my own show! And if there’s one takeaway I wish you gained from today’s episode, it’s that stories are gifts to be shared with those who need to hear them. So go ahead and share your story. I promise you, your story matters, and someone out there needs to hear it.


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