Lessons Learned from Planning an In-person Event EP: 151

podcast Aug 09, 2023

Planning and leading in-person events can be an exhilarating yet challenging experience that requires a diverse skill set and a knack for problem-solving. The process involves careful planning, from the initial concept and organization to the actual execution. The lead-up to the event can be a whirlwind of emotions, from the excitement of seeing your vision come to life to the stress of last-minute changes and unexpected issues that require quick decisions.

In today's episode, I'm sharing some key takeaways from my recent experiences on the road. As we navigate a world that's both connected and isolating, I hope these insights provide you with a fresh perspective on finding community and growth.

I invite you to join me today as I share with you: 

  • The power of gathering and how the roadshow brought together women from diverse backgrounds, fostering connections that offered new perspectives and helped combat the isolation many individuals feel in today's world
  • How taking the time to attend events, retreats, or workshops can provide tremendous personal growth opportunities
  • The importance of pivoting with grace, especially when you recognize that something is not working out and you have to adjust to ensure you're delivering your best to your audience

My experiences on the road have reinforced the significance of genuine connections, the need for personal restoration, and the value of adaptability. As you navigate your own journey, remember that sharing stories, seeking community, and embracing change are all key components of growth and fulfillment.



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