Podapalooza’ style week where we cover all things Podcast Hosting and Guesting. 

Amplify your voice by mastering podcast essentials in this interactive and actionable 5-day workshop. 

 21-25 AUGUST 2023 

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Introducing Podcast Week:

Unleash the Power of Your Voice!

Are you a small business entrepreneur eager to amplify your brand's visibility and expertise?

Want to harness the captivating force of storytelling to humanize your brand?

Welcome to Podcast Week!

The ultimate 5-day workshop designed exclusively for go-getting entrepreneurs like you!

Why Podcasts Matter for Your Business

In this digital age, where authenticity and connection are paramount, podcasts have emerged as the ultimate medium to showcase your expertise and leave a lasting impression.

Whether you're an aspiring guest or envision yourself as a podcasting pro,

Podcast Week has got you covered!

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

What You'll Gain from Podcast Week

Elevate Your Visibility

Learn how to be a sought-after guest on established podcasts, allowing you to tap into a broader audience and gain recognition within your niche. Harness the power of audio to create a lasting impact on potential customers.

Unleash Your Potential

Discover the art of compelling storytelling and how it can breathe life into your brand. Connect with your audience on a deeper level, fostering loyalty and trust that sets you apart from the competition.

Craft Your Podcast

Dive into the world of podcasting and explore how to develop your very own show. Unleash your creativity, build a dedicated community, and establish yourself as an influential thought leader in your industry.

Humanize Your Brand

Gone are the days of faceless corporations. Podcasting allows you to add a personal touch to your brand, showcasing the human side of your business and fostering authentic connections with your customers.

Join Our Expert Speakers

At Podcast Week, we're bringing together a lineup of industry-leading experts who have experienced tremendous success in the world of podcasting. They'll share their invaluable insights, practical tips, and tricks to help you navigate the podcasting landscape with confidence.

Count Me In!

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21-25 AUGUST 2023

Here’s what you can expect each day of the Workshop: 

⭐️ Day 1: The Visibility Podcasts bring, and how it’s a gift that keeps giving.
⭐️ Day 2: Best practices and ninja tricks to get booked on more podcasts as a Guest
⭐️ Day 3: Hosting your Own show. What do you really need, and what nobody tells you!
⭐️ Day 4: Mapping out your first 5 shows. How to jump off the cliff and pull the trigger on a show.
⭐️ Day 5: Leverage: How to maximize the content of shows and the brilliant use of Podcasts most people aren’t utilizing.

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21-25 AUGUST 2023

Let Your Voice Be Heard!