5 Ways to Grow your Audience & Share Your Story EP: 085

podcast May 04, 2022

I see and speak to so many of you who want to up-level your storytelling skills and grow your audience, because you know that this is how you build your business. But the thing is, you have no idea how to go about it and you don’t know where to begin!

Today’s episode of The Inside Story Podcast tackles the 5 core areas of Visibility that are key to your development, growth, and exposure as a storyteller & leader. If you want to enhance your storytelling skills, grow your audience, AND build your business, then this episode is for you!

So I invite you to join me as I talk about:

  • The 5 things you can do today to increase your visibility -- and I explain each in detail!
  • A special invitation to join me for a workshop on Speaking this coming May 5 and 6

 Like I always say: your story matters. And I’ve just given you 5 concrete ways to ensure that you’re maximizing your visibility and giving your story the chance to impact those around you. All you need to do is to take that first step -- and to trust the process. 



To know more about the 2-day Speakers Workshop happening on May 5 and 6, and to register, click here: https://www.lightbeamers.com/speakerworkshop


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