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October 12 & 13 @ 3:00pm CST

 $97 for non-members

*Members of The Visibility Accelerator get access for free*

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October 12 & 13 @ 3:00pm CST

 $97 for non-members

*Members of The Visibility Accelerator get access for free*

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Join us for a special 2-day Speakers Workshop and discover how to turn your story into a thriving revenue stream while impacting others.


  • Position yourself as a go-to expert in your industry

  • Get massive exposure to people who otherwise would never find you!

  • Add additional revenue to your business by getting paid to speak, even if you’ve never talked publicly before.

  • Discover the domino effect of opportunities that occurs following every talk.

  • Take advantage of the digital tools that make becoming an in-demand speaker easier than ever!


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never stood on a stage or spoken to a live audience before…. In today’s world, speakers are in high demand and the need is growing. Everyone is looking for an expert to come in and teach or inspire!

Enter You and Your Story!

Using the powerful storytelling tools you’ve come to expect from Lightbeamers, we’ll show you the many ways you can add “Speaker” to your title and get booked (and paid!) To lead your next talk!

From free events all the way up to gigs that pay $10K+ —
you can easily grow as a speaker!


We’ll be covering all you need to start and grow your speaking prowess.

We’ll be covering all the goods, like:

How speaking can up level your business and influence

How to get started if you’ve never been a speaker before

How to move from free gigs to earning the big bucks as a Speaker

All of the Assets and Collateral you need as a Speaker

How to structure and develop your Talk (get our simple formula for success)

How to Leverage the Visibility to open more doors

How to use your talk to land deals and close business before you leave the building.

How to incorporate tricks of the trade like hooks, dramatic pauses, intonation and seeds.

How to plan an intentional close to land deals and new clients.


By enrolling in the Speakers Workshop, you’ll receive immediate access to a special Masterclass shared with the members of our VIP Community, The Visibility Accelerator.

It’s a Speaker’s masterclass called “HOW I DID IT: Booking 50 Talks in 50 Weeks” by VIP member & Lightbeamer client, Debbie Adams. Inside this masterclass, Debbie shares her exact process for securing 50 talks in 50 weeks and turning those talks into cash for her business.

You’ll get immediate access to this replay following your enrollment in the Speakers Workshop.



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4 hours of training

Learn from other professional speakers

Get our Speaker One Sheet Templates

Bonus “How I Did it: 50 Talks in 50 Weeks” Masterclass

All replays available for two weeks after the workshop