Empact Bars & Empact Women with Melonie DeRose EP: 028

podcast Mar 31, 2021

Sometimes, life takes you on a path that’s way different from the one you thought you’d be on.

For Melonie DeRose, being a corporate lawyer was a big check mark on her to-do list. She was doing what she thought she was meant to do, and what everyone else said she was supposed to do.

But when she realized most of her days were just spent on autopilot and not making her feel alive, Melonie knew there was something missing. She knew she had to make a change. So she went and took a leap of faith, pursued her real passion, and never looked back.

There’s a lot you can take away from Melonie’s story, and I invite you to listen in as she shares with us: 

  • The three things that made her rethink her life
  • That pivotal moment she had leaving work at 2AM while 7 months pregnant
  • Her mission to empower women which drove her to create Empact Bars
  • Her unconventional way of partnering with non-profit organizations in her pursuit of making an impact on women’s lives
  • The really funny story about her law school professor and his reaction to finding her at a local store handing out sample bars (I love this one!!)
  • How following your passion can make everything fall into place and let you live your best life

I’ve found a kindred spirit in Melonie. Her goal of helping and empowering women, and the story of her journey resonated with me so much. I’m positive it will strike a chord with you, too.

And this is the gift of storytelling: giving others the chance to see what’s possible, and the hope that what’s possible, is truly reachable.



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