Are you watching from the sidelines as others soar and pass you by?

The book, the recognition, the invitations, the followers, the lives changed, the impact you can have, and the freedom you’ll experience.

All this is possible and MORE if you just ...

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A Transformational Storytelling Event To Empower You to Make a Bigger Impact with Your Story!

Be inspired by the stories of others. Discover the power your own story holds. Walk away with new tools to incorporate story into your own mission and work.

You are so good at giving praise!
You celebrate women who shine brightly,
Admire their courage from afar.
They look so confident in the spotlight,
it makes you wonder if you could ever do that.
Those women ….
Aren’t any different from you.

Their stories, their power, their strength inspires you because THEY are your mirror reflecting back at you what’s already inside of YOU!

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Thursday - Friday, April 29-30th

plus special VIP session on
May 1, 2021

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If you are sitting there thinking: “Who am I to share my story? My story doesn’t matter. It’s boring, it’s not big enough. It can’t possibly have an impact or help someone else.”

This is just FEAR talking….. And fear only has one job: to keep you quiet, and to keep you playing small. 

Everyone has a story, especially those who think they don’t have one.
It’s scary to think you have something to say,
especially if you’ve never been heard.
The time has come for you to stop hiding your voice,
And take advantage of this opportunity that will free your soul.

‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’ 

- Anais Nin 

Grab our hands and let us guide you over the fear hurdle, and show you how to Step into Your Brave.

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Storytelling is the heartbeat of this event. Walk away with tools and workshop materials that will empower you to see your own story as a beautiful beam of LIGHT.

Shine it as you wish.

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Soak up the brilliant knowledge and expert advice from our panel of speakers. These women will blow you away with their story and challenge you to think about ways you can have a bigger impact in the world.

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All throughout the day, you can engage with and meet new friends. Exchange ideas, set a date for lunch, be open to building new relationships with other go-getter women, and expand your network exponentially.

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Deb is an Igniter of people and organizations!! 

The 'Queen of Pivots' has enjoyed a journey from Higher education, to Diversity & inclusion work, to becoming the CEO of Habit for Humanity of the LeHigh Valley. 

Deb's ultimate pivot came when life came crashing down around her within a span of 364 days, forcing her to step into her biggest role to date: Starting her own company and stepping out as a Leadership & Pivot coach and highly-rated Podcaster.

Today, Deb runs the Think Good Company and the Think Courageously Podcast, coaching other successful women as they find the courage to do hard things!




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Brittany is a heart transplant recipient, cancer survivor, single mom, author, motivational speaker, and newly minted Doctor of Psychology.

Brittany's story is one that will stop you in your tracks, make you question your own ability and strength for survival and put you in a space of utter awe and amazement. Yes, Brittany has one of those BIG stories.

During her sickness, Brittany decided to dedicate her time and effort to the things that truly moved her soul, and in that pursuit she found her love for speaking. Brittany’s ability to connect to a myriad of different people with her honesty, humor, and animated enthusiasm brings her story to life in transformative, passion driven, and unique ways.



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Lanette is no stranger to the juggling act women play in life. A busy mom of 5 kids, her overachieving nature took her on a fast route to burnout after adding volunteerism, service projects, and professional leadership roles to her already jam-packed calendar.

And then it hit rock bottom when she found herself drowning out her sobs with the hand dryer in the restroom at her job.

Lanette began building her Plan B. Today, she has a life and business she absolutely loves as a Life & Business Strategist, helping other driven women grow their careers without experiencing exhaustion or burnout.

Lanette is a best-selling Author, TEDx Speaker, Publisher, Entrepreneur and certified Jack Canfield Success Coach.


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We are cooking up something special with the announcement of our 4th Symposium Speaker. 

We accepted applications from women inside our Community, and are working behind the scenes to groom our "Rising Star" recipient for her first big stage appearance. 

As a community of women, it's important we hold space for more women to shine... and that's exactly what we intend to do when we welcome this year's Rising Star Award to the Symposium Stage!







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Hi, I’m April!

I’m the founder of Lightbeamers and also the woman behind the 3rd Annual Storytelling Symposium, Step into Your Brave! 
For the past 25 years I’ve been a journalist, TV / Video producer, entrepreneur and I’ve spent most of that time helping people share their story in a way that gets their message out into the world so it can shine a light for others. Our stories have the power to build connections, community, and clarity. Learning to share your own story is one of the most powerful gifts you could ever give to someone else! 

This is why I always say: when you share your story,  you shine a LIGHT!


But you might be saying, “But April, I don’t have a big story. My story isn’t that important. I could never stand up and share it because I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

That’s exactly why I created this event!

I’ll show you how to dig out the story that’s hiding inside of you (I promise, you have a story!), and I’ll show you how impactful that story is. You’ll walk away feeling so free knowing your story does have a place in this world, and it can help others!!
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It’s time to give yourself permission to experience the gift of authentic and empowering Storytelling, the kind that makes you feel alive, free, excited to heal and move forward on to the other side of your story! 

Now is your time… 

This year, we are so excited to bring you this Storytelling Symposium to the VIRTUAL Stage... April 29-30! 

Plan to take YOURSELF on a Date to the most fabulous, light-filled, exciting, inspirational event that will mark a “before and after” in your personal growth journey.

Step into Your Brave is a sacred space where you can let your guard down safely and show up exactly as you are because that’s exactly who we want and cherish. 

If you’ve NEVER experienced the impact of sharing and hearing stories told authentically and unapologetically, you’re missing out on the healing power of story.  This is your chance!
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Continue to soak up the LIGHT with an intimate & exclusive Roundtable discussion with the Speakers the following day on Saturday, May 1. We will roll up our sleeves and dive deeper with each of you in this exclusive session.

We will also celebrate with a Cocktail reception immediately following our kickoff party on Thursday, April 29.

Plus, Swag Bags and exclusive digital content downloads! 

All of this available for VIP Ticket holders only.

(limited to first 15 people)

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The Storytelling Symposium was fantastic. Not only did I learn more about telling my own story, I also got to see the power of storytelling through the speakers. The bonus? Meeting amazing women working on changing the world!
-- Andrea T.


We had an evening filled with great speakers, amazing energy, powerful messages, and above all great connections. April, you shined your light and inspired us to show up and be visible.
-- Diana D.
What a beautiful day with so many storytelling nuggets! What I loved most of all was actually FEELING the impact our authentic stories have, polished or not!
--  Erin D. 

April, thank you for following your heart in holding this first Storytelling Symposium! The speakers you selected were outstanding - inspiring, entertaining, and so impactful in the worlds of the people they touch. I was amazed at the beautiful community of women who attended. I met some incredible women who are rock'n this world in a most significant way! Feeling blessed that I caught sight of this event on a friend's FB post. Congrats and keep it going!
-- Mimi S.

Taking the time to come to Storytelling Symposium was not only a great learning experience, but a great bonding experience with a community of women hungry to grow. Sharing parts of my journal in the crowd was a great example of what will happen when I do that online.
-- Brooklyn C.
The Storytelling Symposium was a wonderful event!  I walked away feeling empowered by my story and encouraged to share my story with others.
-- Keli C.
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This is NOT your typical Live Event:

You’re not going to sit in your chairs for hours as a passive listener.
The speakers aren’t in a green room waiting for their turn.
Everyone gets to bond and interact constantly.
Expect to have time for you and for reflection between activities. (Yay!)
The speakers are curated to match the energy of the event. 
This content is carefully curated; our speakers will become your BFF’s; and the experience truly will be life-changing! 
You won’t believe how much change can occur inside this virtual event! 
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April 29-30, 2021
Thursday,  6-8PM EST
Friday,  11-6PM EST


April 29-May 1, 2021

Includes additional:
Cocktail Reception
Thursday, 5-6 PM EST
Private VIP Roundtable discussion with Speakers
Saturday, May 1
12-2PM EST

VIP Ticket also includes special event Swag, bonus content & digital downloads. 



This is a LIVE virtual event.
Replays will not be offered.

Come with your calendar cleared, as if you were joining us in-person. 

Come ready to fully engage and participate. 
Come without distractions or multi-commitments. 

Mark the day off so you can fully take in all we have planned for you, and help you to Step into your Brave!

This isn't another boring Zoom room. This is a life-changing event!