Beyond Intention with Dan Mangena EP: 032

podcast Apr 28, 2021

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It’s a pretty special day at The Inside Story Podcast because today, we have our very first gentleman on the show!

Dan Mangena is a motivational speaker, best-selling author & Wall Street Journal “Master of Success”.  He is a multiple 7-figure business owner who has had his share of ups and downs before getting to where he is now. And as he and I take a look back at his journey, he shares some pretty powerful truths that will make you dream bigger for yourself than ever before.

Here are some of what Dan and I talk about in today’s episode:

  • His life as a trilogy and where he is at this point
  • The life-changing diagnosis of having Asperger’s Syndrome, and what this revelation did for him
  • The 4 principles of Dan’s Beyond Intention Paradigm
  • What it means to envision “this or better”, and not limiting what the universe can give us because of our own limited expectations
  • Doing the work of providing space for someone to be transformed as they create change for themselves
  • How telling the story of his journey so far has given him freedom
  • Being a work in progress, and knowing there’s more to be done and to overcome

Having gone through struggles and coming out on the other side more aware and intentional than he was before, Dan is proof that when you decide to show up, be present, and be authentically you, so much good can happen.

Listen to his story, and maybe then, you’ll be inspired to tell your own story, too.


Dan’s book recommendations:
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

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