An Interview with Sarah Harmeyer


Last week on the blog & Alexa Flash Briefing, I shared the story of Neighbor's Table after having heard about their organization through my Pastor. He shared their mission in one of his sermons as he preached on the Commandment of "Love Thy Neighbor".

I was so taken with Sarah's story, I left church that day and googled her and her 'love mission'.

I quickly shot off an impromptu email, gushing about how much I admired her story, and requesting an interview. 

I knew I would be in the Dallas area the following weekend, would it be possible to stop by and chat with her.... at the table?

As luck would have it, Sarah was available and said YES to my interview request. 

I stopped by her house in downtown Dallas, and after a quick welcome and introduction, we stepped into her backyard to sit down for this Facebook Live interview. 

What unfolded was nothing short of magical and inspiring.

Sarah shared how her entire business is founded on the power of Storytelling, and to this day she focuses on sharing the stories that come from her table (and the table's of others) .... and in doing so, grows her business. 

Sarah calls herself the Story Keeper.... as she travels around the country personally delivering the tables she and her father make for clients, staying for dinner with its new owners and their invited guests. She shares these experiences and how the "coming together at the table" creates opportunities for others to be seen & heard. 

Sarah shares these stories on her blog and on her social media channels. 

Check out Sarah's amazing work at the Neighbor's Table
and follow her storytelling on Instagram

I took this snapshot at the conclusion of our interview, with the Table in the background. What struck me the most was how simple this table is.
Large, yes.... but utterly simple and welcoming. 

It doesn't need to be hard, complicated, or fancy to do something good and meaningful. 

I hope Sarah's story inspires you as much as it does me. 

There are people in this world stepping outside of themselves to do something extraordinary for others.

Let's go be one of them, Lightbeamers! 

April & Sarah in Sarah's backyard in downtown Dallas, TX.  


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