Accelerator Spotlight: Trainer Dane Boyle

There are some people you cross in life who, no-matter-what, always make you feel better after being around them. This is Trainer Dane Boyle. 

Dane's magic touch is making people feel like anything is possible; whatever they are dreaming of is achievable. 

This health & wellness expert and life coach is all about positive empowerment. His key phrase is "go be amaZing!" 

Ever since Dane made his way into the LIGHTbeamers Community, and our Visibility Accelerator, we've watched him reach more and more people with his positive energy, candid stories, and dedication to helping others live their best lives. 


APRIL: Let's start with a little introduction. Tell everyone a bit more about you & share a piece of your journey.

TRAINER DANE: Stop for a minute…
I want to share something with you.

Where I am today is not where I was yesterday.

Life is a 4-letter word. Yes it is. I have said a few of them in my day.I’m sure I have said several today. Ever said a 4-letter word? Let’s make LIFE our 4-letter word.

If you want to be better, live better and live the life you were meant to live you must understand and believe you are meant to do hard things.

Every struggle, every success you have ever had has put your right here in this place in time to read, learn and embrace the life you have while building the life of your dreams. You know what I bet we have a lot in common. I know we do. I want to wake up & be amaZing and see the beauty around me everyday.

I want to wake up and take joy in the ordinary. I want to see my children grow up and live amazing lives. I want to see my grandchildren do the same. I want to dance under the full moon with my wife on my 85th birthday. Hell, why not my 95th birthday.

Can you relate to those dreams? What are your dreams? Are they just wishful thinking or have you taken the time to prepare, plan and execute your dreams?

When I was in the third grade my dad went back to school and I was not a happy kid. I missed dad and didn't understand why he'd go back to school when he was an adult. My third grade self, vowed I'd never do that.

Well I didn't do it exactly like my dad. I waited until my daughter was in the sixth grade. I sure showed him. Of course over time I understood why dad was willing to sacrifice in the short term for the long term benefits.

The moment my parents decided to have my dad go to medical school changed all of our lives. I watched my parents work together, struggle, cry and perpetually talk about the future.

By example they were showing me that when you make short-term sacrifices there is long-term gain.

Dad was 35 years old when he graduated and that taught me that dreams don't have an expiration date. I believe and teach this today.

The biggest lessons my parents taught me are the lessons and foundation for my life and business:

It doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is that you do it.
Today is the most important day of your life!
Dream big, Dream often, Dream out loud!
Extra effort is the key to success.
Dreams don’t have an expiration date!
Don’t quit your day dreams!
Live the life you have, while you build the life of your dreams!
You are meant to do hard things!!!
Never waste a heartbeat!

APRIL: How has 'storytelling' influenced you and/or your business?

TRAINER DANE: By sharing my story with people, I have become relatable. As a coach, people often think that we are put together all the time and by sharing that I am as fallible as the next person makes me relatable. When you are relatable people want to learn from you because they see themselves in you.

APRIL: What does being a LIGHTbeamer mean to you?

TRAINER DANE: Maybe The Allman Brothers said it best when they taught us to let our Soulshine.

"Well you got to let your soul shine
Just like my daddy used to say
He used to say soul shine
Its better than sunshine
Its better than moonshine
Damn sure better than rain
Hey now people don't mind
We all get this way sometimes
Got to let your soul shine
Shine till the break of day"

Being a LIGHTbeamer reminds me to let my light shine and that allows my soul to shine.

APRIL: What have you learned or discovered the most about storytelling and your story?

TRAINER DANE: I have learned that each of us has a unique story and we should never shy away from that. We are all special and have talents that need to be shared with the world. The more we share our story the more we become comfortable with the stories that have made us who we are.

APRIL: What's been the hardest part about learning how to share your story?

TRAINER DANE: The hardest thing about sharing your story is worrying what other people think. When we learn that other people really aren't thinking about us as much as we think they are we are free to be ourselves. We are unique and our stories need to shared and heard and empower others to share their stories as well.

APRIL: What is one piece of advice you'd give to another woman about using her voice and sharing her story?

TRAINER DANE: Aging with Awesomeness is perfectly within your reach! By truly embracing yourself, experiencing life for the first time again you’re able to embrace life with excitement, gratitude and positivity!

APRIL: What do you love most about your work?

TRAINER DANE: I love watching people discover their purpose, passion and ultimately create the life they love. When people do this they shine and embrace Aging with Awesomeness. You can see the discovery in their smile, posture, actions and their light shines in every aspect of their life.

APRIL: What are you busy creating now?

TRAINER DANE: Right now I am creating my 1:1 and group coaching program titled: Age With Awesomeness.

The Age with Awesomeness program is a 6 week challenge.

The challenge is for women in their 40s, 50s or 60s, feeling a lack of joy, vitality and perhaps even a bit lost and wondering what life holds for them? They wonder where their energy and joy has disappeared to? They are feeling old, past their prime, and feel age is starting to get the best of them and they are ready to feel amaZing again!

The Age with Awesomeness Challenge is designed to help them change the way they approach and look at the day ahead. During the challenge the challengers will begin to live fully, find their purpose, passion and create the life they love.

APRIL: How do you relax after a busy week?

TRAINER DANE: After a busy week my go to is commune in nature. It could be a walk, run, dog walk or trail, but it almost certainly has to do with being outdoors. Our motto at home is No One Left Indoors.

APRIL: What kind of things do you like doing outside of work?

TRAINER DANE: Outside of work my wife and I love to travel. When the world shut down, our hopes and dreams didn't and we bought an RV and have loved being out in nature with our two dogs, Dodger and Luna. Our go to RV spot is along the Texas Gulf Coast in Port Aransas, Texas.

APRIL: How have you benefited the most by being a member of our VIP Membership, The Visibility Accelerator?

TRAINER DANE: VIP Membership, The Visibility Accelerator has provided tools to enhance my story telling as well as encouraging me to show up unapologetically.

APRIL: What sort of special achievements or accolades are you most proud of?

TRAINER DANE: Master's in Exercise Science, Certified Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

APRIL: What are the best channels for others to follow you?

TRAINER DANE: Get in touch with me through Facebook or Instagram , and please listen to my podcast Turn Positivity Into Possibility.


Trainer Dane is a member of the Visibility Accelerator -- my VIP membership that helps ramp up your Visibility, uplevel your Online game, and really master the Art of Storytelling to build an engaged audience. To find out more and join the Visibility Accelerator, click here.


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