Accelerator Spotlight: Debbie Adams

The spirit of a 'can do' attitude will take you very far in life. This notion that 'I can do it!' and 'I'll figure it out' or 'if she can do it, so can I'  is often times more than half the battle when taking on new challenges and getting yourself out of a place you no longer want to be. 

This is the exact attitude Debbie Adams brings to the table in her work as a business coach and trainer inside her PeopleCan training and development company. 

And once you get to know her story, you can see how her own humble beginnings and challenging setbacks have paved the way for her success. For it's not the stock we come from, or the successes we have in life that truly shape our ability to do hard things. It's circle of influence we surround ourselves with and the mindset we keep when the chips are down. 

I've enjoyed learning about Debbie and her apprenticeship model of teaching and learning. Take a minute to learn from her and her success. 

APRIL: Let's start with a little introduction. Tell everyone a bit more about you & share a piece of your journey.

DEBBIE: When we face barriers to employment, one final option for those motivated to work, is entrepreneurship. I was forced to reinvent myself when I became legally blind and lost my career as a veteran. In 2011, I became a forced/reluctant entrepreneur facing the biggest learning challenge of my life. Moving from heart to serve to profit motive wasn't easy. Veterans aren't known for putting a dollar value on care work.

Over the past decade, I've taken the model that I used in becoming a journeyed mechanic and translated it into a business mentoring model. l not only teach others how to monetize knowledge but I allow them to lean in while they're developing the skills. To become a profitable entrepreneur, we need three competencies that aren't taught in business school - a strategically leveraged network, a healthy mindset around money and the ability to communicate so that you can negotiate a deal that benefits all parties.

My business PeopleCan Training is a place where seriously driven entrepreneurs come to fast track revenue because they have an urgency to get money in the door. My tax business became a perfect pairing to my business coaching business. When people ask why they should choose me, I tell them about the growth in my own business. I have learned all that I teach where the rubber hits the road.

APRIL: How has 'storytelling' influenced you and/or your business?

DEBBIE: Storytelling is directly linked to profitability in a business.

APRIL: What does being a LIGHTbeamer mean to you?

DEBBIE: I am really enjoying the community. It's been great to shine my own light brighter. I love the challenges and have definitely become more focused in all that I do.

APRIL: What have you learned or discovered the most about storytelling and your story?

DEBBIE: We all have a story but not everyone tells it well. What I have learned working with April both in the group and one-on-one is that we can leverage the story in our business to support our mission. I have become a better communicator through the use of story. Example, I have a new cohort that started yesterday and I started with a story that was powerful. I've picked this up during our time together.

APRIL: What's been the hardest part about learning how to share your story?

DEBBIE: I'm known for being concise. People generally want to hear more. Giving more details, building to the crescendo, etc - that has been challenging. I'm getting there.

APRIL: What is one piece of advice you'd give to another woman about using her voice and sharing her story?

DEBBIE: When we reveal our own vulnerability, we give the listener permission to be real.

APRIL: What do you love most about your work?

DEBBIE: I honestly love changing lives - it's mission critical to what I do. I love having the money to live a large life. I was built for it. I've got the best of both worlds in one package.

APRIL: What are you busy creating now?

DEBBIE: A legacy piece for folks who have not traditionally enjoyed success. It's a social enterprise that will launch in the next year.

APRIL: How do you relax after a busy week?

DEBBIE: I love the ocean, dinner with friends and spending time with the littles in my life. They light me up.

APRIL: What kind of things do you like doing outside of work?

DEBBIE: Sing - I'm not good at it but I love it. Karaoke. I also dabble in comedy.

APRIL: How have you benefited the most by being a member of our VIP Membership, The Visibility Accelerator?

DEBBIE: It's so good to come alongside like minded people. Ambitious women are my people.

APRIL: What sort of special achievements or accolades are you most proud of?

DEBBIE: I've been awarded 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year - Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network. I'm also a 2022 Canadian Women of Influence Awards Nominee, and I'm 3X published author.

APRIL: What are the best channels for others to follow you?

DEBBIE: Here are the channels where you can reach me:

Twitter: @peoplecan

Debbie is a member of the Visibility Accelerator -- my VIP membership that helps ramp up your Visibility, uplevel your Online game, and really master the Art of Storytelling to build an engaged audience. To find out more and join the Visibility Accelerator, click here.


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