A Mantra To Keep You Going

A Mantra To Keep You Going
"Simply Begin"..... I keep chanting this to myself as a mantra.
Once upon a time, I set a huge goal with a group of friends to train for a 50 mile trail run.  We trained over the Summer, and often hit the trails of the mountains in North Carolina. The training runs were always long and hard.... but in the end, worth it. We'd climb for hours in the hot blazing sun, all working towards that moment when we'd hit the summit and take in the gorgeous views. 
I use those memories whenever I'm feeling stuck or feeling fearful about taking on a new challenge. I remind myself to #simplybegin
Sometimes, I want all the answers before I begin. Anyone else with me?🙋🏼‍♀️
I want to know the "how".... but all we really need to know is our WHY -- why do we want this? Why is it important? Why does it matter to you?
#mywhy  is to find ways to shine a light for my sisters in this world who are out there just holding on to the busy calendars, the carpool lines, the housework, the day jobs, the night jobs, the grocery lists, the to-do lists, the volunteer needs, the kids cries, the very-few-date-nights-with-husband, the go here, go there, missed that appointment, was late for the other one, haphazard workout routines, and so on.
Sister, don't wait another minute wasting time on FEAR. 
Whatever is burning in your heart, go do that thing.
Whatever lights you up, do more of it.
Whatever dream you have... simply begin.
Give your own story a chance today…. and let it shine, shine, shine for someone else, too. As always, I’ll be cheering for you!

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