A Love Story to Community EP: 030

podcast Apr 14, 2021

If there’s one thing I have always considered to be a blessing in my personal life and my business, it would be the gift of Community.

But the significance of having and being part of a Community has not stood out more to me than during my very recent experience with Covid. What I went through emphasized clearly how my wonderful tribe of LIGHTbeamers plays such a big role in my life.

Whether you’re part of a huge community or a smaller tight-knit one, you’re going to want to listen to this episode. And if you’re part of LIGHTbeamers, this one right here is an ode to you!

I invite you and your friends to listen together as I talk about:

  • How my community has made an impact in my success
  • One of the top life skills we must have as adults, that was shared to me in an interview
  • The way my people showed up for me as I battled Covid and how their love contributed to my healing and recovery in a big way 💛
  • The 3 ways to build community
  • The secret ingredient I highly recommend if you want an active and engaged group
  • My take-aways from going through Covid

It’s no secret that I love, love, LOVE my LIGHTbeamers Community, and I feel their love for me right back. My invitation is for you to come join me and the amazing people inside LIGHTbeamers, and you can be sure we will welcome you with arms wide open.

This episode is brought to you by the 2021 Storytelling Symposium: Step Into Your Brave! Get your tickets at https://www.lightbeamers.com/symposium2021


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