Wanna create  MASSIVE ENGAGEMENT  so you can stop hearing crickets on your social media posts?

The Story Solution is a powerful workshop and digital resource bundle that will show you how to infuse better storytelling into your posts, to help you get better engagement and increase your visibility with your audience.

You KNOW you should be sharing more “stories” on social
media and via email but you have no clue where to begin.
What in the sam-hell would you even talk about, right??

I know because I’ve been there!!

When I first started building my business online, I knew
social media was a powerful place to connect with my ideal
audience, but I stumbled to figure out how to weave my
own story into my message so I could build genuine connections
that would lead to client relationships!

Do any of these FEELINGS or THOUGHTS
run through your mind, too?

  • You share your story but it feels like it goes off the rails with too many details and no clear direction.
  • You think your story is totally irrelevant to your business, so you don’t share it at all. Not ever.
  • You make the story all about you (I mean, it is YOUR story after all).... And that just leaves you feeling slimy and icky.
  • You think your story is boring and that nobody wants to hear it.
  • You’ve listened to all the marketing gurus tell you to get into the head of your customer/client and speak their pain points. How in the world does your story help you do that??
  • You are totally lost on how to infuse your story over and over again on social media.
  • You’ve heard the term ‘micro-stories’ but you have no idea how to identify the micro-stories hanging out inside of you.

Imagine if you had a simple roadmap to follow and an easy plug-n-play system for sharing better stories with your audience.

What if you never had to think about
“What am I going to post today?” again.

What would it feel like to suddenly have notifications dinging left and right because people were commenting and responding to your posts saying things like, 

Posting on social media and sharing your stories   doesn't have to be hard   And YES, your story does have a place here…. It can be THE DIFFERENCE between building solid connections with your audience and building Know, LIke, Trust with them.


is the best ninja trick out there for getting your audience to warm up to you and then buy from you.

In 5 days, you’ll be on the other side of your fear and excuses and be super proud you took action on something that once held you hostage and kept you stuck.


I created The Story Solution after seeing so many people in my community struggling to share their stories.

They kept asking me

What I know about social media is that it’s designed to be ENGAGING and FUN!!!

So learning to tell a VARIETY of stories is key!

Inside The Story Solution, I’m going to show you how to find stories that are all around you, and how to share them with your audience so the story becomes about THEM, not you!

Once you implement these specific story prompts and strategies, you’ll have your audience responding like crazy and waiting eagerly to see what you post next!

In 5 days, , you'll have a MUCH better understanding on how to use your Own Story to connect deeper with your Audience.

You'll clearly see how
Engagement works, and how to get it

You'll eagerly EMBRACE aspects of Social Media that currently have you wanting to pull out your hair.

This value-packed Bundle will spoon feed you VALUABLE STORY PROMPTS & UNIQUE VISIBILITY STRATEGIES  that will finally unlock the mystery of social media for you!


What’s Included in Story Solution

Storyweek Workshop - a 6 day workshop designed to help you tell better stories to your audience and increase engagement and build "know, like, trust" with potential clients.

  • 6 Videos
  • 6 Daily Assignments
  • 3 PDF Downloads/Exercises
  • FG group for feedback and support

(Storyweek value: $397)

365 Days of Story Prompts - a complete cheat sheet of story prompts that will help you create more 'storytelling' based content to share with your audience. You'll never be stuck asking yourself, "What can I post today" when it comes to social media or communicating with your audience.

  • Tutorial on a powerful 4-step formula for the type of content creation your audience is craving
  • Complete Trello Board with all 365 days of prompts scheduled out for you!
  • Complete Google Sheet calendar with all 365 days of prompts scheduled out for you! Rinse and repeat year after year!

(365 Days value: $197)

FIND YOUR STORY - mini-course. The perfect little course that packs a big punch, helping you finally understand HOW to tell your story in a compelling way. You'll learn how to eliminate unnecessary details and keep yourself from 'going down the rabbit hole", and instead pull out the 3 KEY FACTORS of your own story to share with your audience for maximum effect.

      • 5 short Video lessons
      • 5 quick, actionable assignments
      • Bonus lessons on drilling your story down into an effective "introduction" or "elevator pitch"
      • FB group for feedback and ongoing support

(Find Your Story value $197)

Your Story Formula Guide - a simple 3-step formula that will help you create your story and finally know how to tell it to your audience!

(Your Story Formula Guide $27 value)

“April has a deep understanding of the story process and that sharing it can not only be helpful to someone else but to you as well. She has a way of using prompts so that you bring your story out with purpose. It’s that 'right story' that builds engagement and community with your audience. April's influence has spurred me to action!”

Sandra Sciano, Branding and Website Expert

Inside the Bundle
you'll get

  • Loads of story prompts
  • Short video lessons to help you incorporate better story strategies
  • Unique story approaches with tutorials
  • Daily Calls to Action that removes you from hiding and into the newsfeed of your audience!
  • Worksheets and downloads to help you excavate more stories

The Story Solution is different because it not only shows you WHAT to talk about and post on social media to attract your ideal audience, but it also shows you the specific STRATEGY to implement!

I’m sharing with you the SPECIFIC story prompts that will give you the most bang for your buck!

And trust me, these aren’t your typical story prompts. These prompts are going to help you go DEEP with your audience. You will have to tap into your Vulnerability a bit, so buckle up!

In just 5 days,

you’ll discover  how to use your own story on social media so that you can attract your ideal audience, build an immediate bond with them, and build forward momentum in your business.

Posting on social media and sharing thoughtful content with your email list gets to be easy!

But don’t take it from me...
Read what other people who’ve taken this course say:

What They Say

Wow!  I'm celebrating my vulnerability and putting myself out there. This was very challenging for me, definitely out of my wheelhouse, but the Lightbeamers community is so supportive that I knew it was a safe space for me to lean into the uncomfortable and go for it. Once again, thank you April Adams Pertuis for encouraging us each and every day!

-Mimi Skapek

Everytime I incorporate April's Story Prompts, I am reminded that I am brave, strong and can do hard things. April has taught me that parts of my story will become someone else's survival guide. I always receive amazing messages from my followers that remind me I am making a difference.

-Elka Bostwick


Helpful Story Prompts

As a career storyteller, I have a unique ability of helping you pull out stories that are hanging out inside of you! My story prompts have been touted as “brilliant”, “so effective” and “amazing story sparkers” by my clients.

Smart Strategies

Inside each daily video, I share strategic reasoning on WHY these types of posts work and HOW to properly use them to get better engagement with your audience.

The #1 exercise you need

I call this, “building your flashlight”. You’ll get super clear on WHAT you have to offer your audience, and WHO your audience is. This is an exercise you’ll come back to over and over again…. It’s that good!

What They Say

I am SO GLAD that I pushed through to the end of this challenge! Day 5 was what I needed to remind me of the service and value that my business offers to women.
It is amazing what you are able to do when you put yourself in the shoes of your clients and even revisit WHY you began!
Every time I have shown up with a story on social media, the response is astounding: Definitely makes me wonder why I would want to post anything else!!
Mary Kay Ash always used to say that "Everyone loves to buy, but NO ONE wants to be sold to." I have found this to be true and offering value and solutions instead of "sales" has transformed my business!

-Rachel Marie Nelson, Mary Kay Consultant

Wow, this is an incredible workshop! I needed to step out of my comfort zone and get uncomfortable, while getting practice at getting visible. Thank you April for organising this challenge.  My greatest takeaways was that how stories can come from everyday experiences and there's a lesson in each of these. I also learnt that the message is more important and to focus on that and most of all your audience. Making your stories relatable to your audience can help them understand and get to know you, which hopefully will lead to them engaging with you It was quite a learning curve this week and heaps of fun!

-Pamela Sommers, Author and Jewelry Entrepreneur 

Everything you need is inside The Story Solution Bundle 



Seriously, just the Flashlight Exercise alone is worth that investment, not to mention all the headaches this bundle is going to save you when it comes to creating content for your social media.

I’m so positive you’re going to see results by implementing the story prompts I share with you in this bundle, I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee.

If you implement and execute as prescribed in this bundle, and you don’t immediately see a difference in your engagement, I’ll refund your purchase 100%.

You must provide documentation and proof of the stories you shared in order for us to honor this agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions


Hi, I’m April Pertuis



and I’m here to help you make social media work for you…So you can build a thriving audience of engaged people who pour into your programs, courses, and offers with ease.

I always tell my clients, if you don’t love social media and what it’s doing for you in your business, then you are using it wrong.

Do you love social media?
Is it working for you in your business?

Long before I built my online business, I worked with clients and big brands for years as a video storyteller and marketer -- helping them communicate powerful stories to their audience, which in turn helped them massively grow their business.

Once an audience falls in love with you, and trusts you…. They will buy from you. It’s really that simple.

I’m also a former TV journalist, so I use these skills to help you dig out the stories that are hiding inside of you that WOW your audience.

And here’s a little secret -- telling the stories you have to share, will make YOU fall in love with your business, message, and journey even more! Talk about Clarity!!

Now, my business is 100% online -- helping entrepreneurs and small business owners like you communicate with your audience in a way that will actually generate sales!

Not just leads, but sales!!!!!

I’ve developed a variety of systems that help my clients “plug-n-play” their content on social media so they can be freed up to actually focus on the relationships inside their business.

I also teach simple formulas you can actually use and follow.

What They Say

My full story terrifies me, however, after this week I feel much more confident breaking it down and sharing pieces, chapters with the world. The stories that I have shared were so well received on my personal pages. I'm thrilled with the engagement! This gives me the courage to continue and to keep growing. I will be visible and shine my bight light everywhere!

-Beth Bowman

The challenge this week took me way outside my comfort zone. My biggest win, and what I’m most proud of, is putting myself out there in ways I never knew I could. My biggest takeaway is learning how to tell my story in a way that is relatable to my audience. Not always making the WHY about myself, or about selling a product; instead being a good listener and the importance of making that connection and building those relationships. 

-Kathi Gillespie

My story prompts are the secret gems. You may be thinking you don’t have a story, or that your story isn’t important to your audience, but once you start using the prompts I’ve designed for social media, you’ll see just how easy it is to share pieces of your story that win other people over!

I’m excited you’re here! I hope to see you in The Story Solution!



“April's super power is her ability to get people to share the RIGHT stories on social media and get visible in the RIGHT way to grow their businesses. She has the uncanny ability to cut right to the heart of things and get people moving in the right direction, quickly.”

Jen Lehner, Digital Marketing Strategist


Grab The Complete Story Solution

Storyweek Workshop 
(valued at $397)

365 Days of Story Prompts
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FIND YOUR STORY mini-course (Valued at $197)

Your Story Formula Guide
( Valued at $27 value)

Total Value $888 worth of training Bundle Price: $27