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I’ve got a practical tip for you — It’s so easy to do, yet too many people are overlooking it.

Take a few minutes today to look at your Social Media Profiles and ask yourself — if someone stumbled on my page not knowing anything about me, would they easily grasp who I am and what I am all about?

In other words — is your brand story clearly represented on your pages and channels.

Like it or not, these days potential clients and those looking to collaborate with you are scoping you out long before they initiate contact.

They are lurking on your channels, reading your public posts, perusing your LinkedIn profile and making pre-judged decisions about you before they’ve even talked to you.

So when they come to those profiles, and they read what you’ve highlighted in your summaries and bios, are they able to capture your story in a quick snapshot?

This is a really important step in showing up and being visible with your message. You really want to ensure your message and your brand is represented clearly and uniformly across all of your channels.

I’ve literally seen some business owners put crazy stuff in their by-line that says stuff like, “cat lover” or they’ll post a favorite quote.

This isn’t helpful.

The good news, it’s an easy fix….. so today, I want to give you an assignment to audit your own channels…. and really look at your pages with the eyes of a stranger. What would they be able to summarize about you with what you have listed.

IS your message clear?

Is your brand easily definable.

And do you have Call To actions, driving them to something or someplace where you can offer them value?

It’s a really important step, so don’t overlook this.

If you want me to take a peak at your channels to give you some suggestions on a few simple tweaks you can make, send me a message on FB or IG… you can find me on both channels at LightBeamers And while you’re there, check out my bios to make sure I’m passing the test, too!

I hope you find this tip helpful today. I encourage you to be highly visible with your work so other people can easily find you, get to know you, and work with you. And your story can play a big role….


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