Becoming an Author and Writing your Book with Writing Coach Dr. Cindy Childress EP: 149

podcast Jul 26, 2023

Have you ever yearned to share your extraordinary story with the world, perhaps through the captivating pages of a book? The thought of becoming an author can be exhilarating, but it's common to feel lost, not knowing where to begin. Doubts and fears may cloud your path, making you hesitate to dig deep and reveal the vulnerable aspects of your journey. 

But fear not, for in today’s episode of The Inside Story Podcast, we dive into the art of storytelling and gain valuable insights from the remarkable Dr. Cindy Childress. Her wisdom and encouragement will gently nudge you to take that leap of faith, inspiring you to embrace your fears and share your truth.

So I invite you to listen in as Dr. Cindy and I talk about:

  • Her origin story as a creative writer, which started when she was a second grader
  • How she pivoted from being a certified personal fitness trainer to launching her writing business
  • Landing her first client and where she found them!
  • Transitioning from writing professional bios to website copy to ghostwriting
  • Why emotional connection is so important
  • The book writing process – and it doesn’t end with just writing the book!!
  • What caring for her cats has taught her and how she’s using these lessons in her business

So, to all those who have ever yearned to put pen to paper, but hesitated, unsure of where to start or paralyzed by fear—fear of being vulnerable, fear of judgment—take heart! Remember, your story matters, and within its pages, you may discover not only liberation for yourself but also the profound potential to touch and change the lives of others. The world is waiting to hear your story—don't hold back!


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