The Key to Winning the Internet EP: 097

podcast Jul 27, 2022

With so many social media platforms today and an insane number of people trying to get everyone’s attention, how do you actually cut through the noise and get noticed?

In today’s episode, I share my thoughts on how you can win the internet. You have to have a certain mindset, understanding, and a regular, intentional practice that’s repeatedly overlooked, but should be at the top of your strategy if you want to stand out.

Listen in as I discuss:

  • Why it doesn’t take millions of followers to win the internet and build your business
  • What to do when nobody reacts or comments on your social media posts – and why giving up is not the answer
  • Understanding the two-way street that is the internet – and what you should start doing today
  • Practical tips on how you should be using your time on the internet
  • Why storytelling is a key factor in all of this (surprise!!)

We often overthink our social media strategies and forget the basics. Realizing that it’s not just about the amount of content we put out, but that we have work to do after posting anything is going to move us in the right direction.

My challenge to you today: start using your time on the internet wisely. The day you become more intentional in engaging with your audience – rather than simply posting – is the day you begin winning.



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