Why You Need Testimonials


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Do you actively seek out Testimonials for your business and brand? Let’s talk about Testimonials and why you need them.

The number one reason why brand stories fall flat is because there is no human connection with the story being told.

Far too many brands today are focused on their products and services rather than the emotional benefits. Companies are too buttoned up. It's time to drop the corporate veil and start sharing stories through the lens of a human being.

People can't see themselves reflected in a story of a faceless organization.
This is why testimonials, and stories of real=life humans is so valuable to your business.

Great emotional brand storytelling must be told by real people -- and it's going to be especially effective if those people are the closest to the front lines in your business.

A customer
, A passionate Employee
, A dedicated partner.

It’s not the CEO's and Marketing mouthpieces that have real influence with your audience..... it’s the every-day real people with real life experience using your products or services.

I encounter a lot of business owners who are not using Testimonials and human stories in their business …. and the reason why is pretty shocking. The number one reason why people tell me they don’t get testimonials is because they don’t want to ask for them. They don’t want to intrude on their customers. 

Say what??? 

Okay — for anyone who says this, I’m just going to call this for what it is.

Lack of trust.

In some shape or form, there is a lack of trust — discrediting the input of your customers is quiet possibly the most disastrous thing you can do. 

Instead, I challenge you to see this from a different perspective.

By asking your customer for their feedback, their testimonials you are inherently saying “Your opinion really matters to me. I trust you. I value your input”

Talk about building relationships!!

Asking for testimonials is not only great for your marketing — it’s great for nurturing the relationship between you and your clientele. 

You are not intruding, your inviting. 

You are not bothering them, you are thanking them.

So I encourage you to reach out to your audience and actually listen to what they have to say.

Ask for their feedback.

Ask for their experience. 

Now tune back in tomorrow because I’m going to give you a quick lesson on how to get those testimonials — by sharing with you some key questions you can ask to get the best answers you can use! 

Infusing your marketing with real-life human stories helps bring your brand story to life, so take every opportunity you have to share those stories!


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