WHO do you Serve?


So often in business, we get in the weeds of the day to day operations, we sometimes loose sight of what we are really doing — who it is we serve, who are we trying to help with our products, our services, our message.

It’s really important that you take some time to think about who it is you serve.

This is your storytelling prompt for the day — it’s a fantastic way for you to share a piece of your story with your audience.

Think about who you serve — write about your audience/ your clientele, your ideal clients. Who are they? Why do they matter to you?

I think there’s a big disconnect in businesses today between their audience and the people running the machine.

The best way I know how to help you solve that disconnect is to get you to #1 — think more deeply about the people you serve…. and #2— get you to share your story with them.

When you can clearly identify and connect with who it is you serve, it becomes so much more obvious to you how your own story fits into the the puzzle. And when you share your story from a place of understanding your audience, you tap into a secret fountain of relationship building that sets you apart from anyone else in your market.

When your audience can feel you really get them — you know them — you understand them —- and you share stories that connect you to them, you will be well on your way to building a thriving and meaningful business filled with loyal fans and active buyers.

So think about this today — who do you serve? 

Then, find a way to communicate this to you actual audience, the very people you do indeed serve! Write a post to them on Social Media, send an email blast sharing your thoughts, record a video and post on your website! 

I did this exercise recently on my Facebook business page as a FB Live.
Here's a link to it if you want to see my own example, as I discuss this prompt in detail during the broadcast! 

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