What Will Others Think?


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I’ve been thinking a lot about how much people STOP themselves from doing things that are stirring in their heart.

They stay quiet & hidden for fear of judgement from others. That simple question or thought — what will others think — can be so damaging and toxic if you let it stop you from moving forward in life or business.

The people who are ahead of you, those who are making waves and playing big, aren’t going to judge you!

Nope! They’ll see you and say, “You go girl! I know what it takes to get here and you are being so bold & brave! I commend you. Here’s my hand. Grab it! I’ll pull you along.”

So the judgement you fear is about the people behind you; the ones NOT stepping up their own life in new & exciting ways but rather playing small and sitting on the couch.

They aren’t reaching out their hand to help you.

Do you really want their opinion to hold you back??

I think this is especially important as you dive into your own story, and discover ways to share it publicly with your audience. It can feel very vulnerable and exposing to share pieces of yourself with others, and that’s when thoughts like what will others think creep into your head. 

The clients I work with to help dig out their story, we almost always have to spend time first clearing the mental clutter that’s stopping them in the first place…… because let’s be real. You don’t really have to find your story — it’s already there, inside of you. But in order to truly excavate it and let it be seen or heard — we have to clear the judgement. 

And that judgement almost always shows up in that question: what will others think? 

So again — remember that the people ahead of you are not going to judge you when you feel that question rear it’s ugly head.

And for goodness sakes, don’t look behind you and worry about the people who are never going to get what you are up to… 

Look in front of you.

Find the people who are crushing it in their life and business and let them cheer you on!

When you feel that pesky voice saying “What will others think?”... stop and think about whose opinion you really value!!

The people who ARE in the game or those who aren’t?

I hope this little pep talk serves you well today. We all have to be reminded that our story matters…. you have something important to say…. wise to share…. valuable to teach …. so stop the negative thoughts and rise up to share your story with others. 


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