What does the Lion say to You?

empowerment Apr 19, 2019

Every week inside the LIGHTbeamers Community (our private FB group),
I post a picture that is aimed to prompt the members to tell a piece of their own story. The idea is to let the image spark ideas and creativity, mining a story the picture seems to tell.

This week, the picture was of a lion… a close up of just her face. Her eyes staring straight at the audience, looking deep into the eyes of her beholder.

I asked the Community to share what they felt like the Lion was saying to them when the looked at the photo.

One of the women in the Community shared these words —

"And just like the Lion, she didn’t concern herself with the opinion of others. She was created to be bold and fierce and so she settled into her own skin and let that truth sink into her bones. So she stood tall with her face to the wind and claimed her place in this world. She had been given a voice that would not be quieted in the face of fear."

This practice of using imagery and pictures to spark stories can be so powerful. You never know what story will bubble up to the surface.

Another woman posted this:

I am a lion!

I am a lion with a little white mouse hidden in my mane.

I am standing tall.

I am proud, courageous, dignified.

My heart holds so much love.

I am here for you. I cry for you. I protect you.

I am you.

I enjoy being in my cave, in my own company.

I enjoy the company of my herd. I protect my herd.

I stand up for my herd, anytime.

I am the power of life, vitality.

I am sunshine, warmth and light.

I am Lion 🦁!

What does the Lion say to You? 

I love using images to spark ideas and stories hiding inside of me... it's a technique I use often when I'm feeling flat..... or stuck.... or dry. 

If you want a place to share your own words — join us in the LIGHTbeamers Community on Facebook. We’d love to get to know you better and learn about your story!


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