The Vulnerability Hangover EP: 056

podcast Oct 13, 2021

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”

If you know of Brené Brown, then you know that her TEDx talk The Power of Vulnerability pushed her into the limelight, because she spoke of what it takes to connect deeply with the people around you and to bring out the best in you: being vulnerable.

But what does vulnerability really mean? What happens when you allow yourself to become vulnerable? How does it relate to sharing your story, and what does it feel like after you’ve given people a glimpse of who you really are?

In today’s episode of The Inside Story podcast, I talk about:

  •    Vulnerability and how it plays a big part in sharing your story with the right intention
  •    The Flashlight exercise I teach my clients to help them dig out and share their stories with more meaning
  •    What happens after you’ve shared your story openly and honestly and in a big way -- which most people have a hard time getting over!

When clients and friends ask how they should begin their storytelling journey, I always say: just step into your brave, because your story matters! Be vulnerable but take courage that in sharing your story, you’re shining the light that guides other people on their life journey.


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