Being in the Valley of Life with April Adams Pertuis EP: 141

podcast May 31, 2023

I think anybody will agree with me when I say that life is a journey that’s full of ups and downs. While the highs are easy to embrace, the lows can be quite difficult. However, it’s important to navigate through these low points if we are to grow and move forward.

I recently found myself in one of the many valleys of life, and along with the experience came a myriad of feelings I had to allow myself to feel and acknowledge in order to come to terms with everything that was happening. 

I’m sharing with you my own inside story today, and I invite you to listen in as I discuss:

  • How having teenagers who are growing up too fast is making me face some realities as a parent
  • The changes in my body as I go through menopause, and figuring out how to find the right balance for me
  • How my business is also transforming and becoming more and more aligned with the goals I’ve set for myself
  • What I did to come out of this valley as I realized that I am not in control, and that it’s ok if I’m not

Things are constantly changing, and adapting accordingly can be difficult, but it is the only way forward. It is only when we accept and embrace change that we can move forward into a new chapter in the story of our lives. Navigating low points in life requires giving oneself permission to feel, letting go of what we cannot control, and accepting the changes that are to come. This may not always be easy, but definitely necessary for us to come out of the valley stronger and more inspired to live our best lives.


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