Turning Positivity into Possibility with Trainer Dane Boyle EP: 061

podcast Nov 17, 2021

“Wake up and be AMAZING!!”

If you’ve been in my Community long enough, you’ve probably seen or even heard these words more than just a few times in our space. And this wonderful line that carries so much positive energy with it always comes from our resident motivator, Trainer Dane Boyle.

Trainer Dane is a life coach and personal trainer who aims to empower Gen Xers to rediscover their purpose and passion. He believes that confidence, self-care, and self-esteem are what we need for us to live our best lives.

Join me and Trainer Dane today on the podcast as we talk about:

  •    His father, who’s a huge part of why he does this fitness work and overall wellness
  •    How women need to find their identity and purpose again when they reach mid-life, and remind themselves how special they are!!
  •    Aging with awesomeness, and the importance of having your mind, body, and spirit connected effortlessly
  •    The impact of making small, incremental changes for better health
  •    How his own coach influenced him to have a positive mindset at a time when life was a struggle

It isn’t always easy to feed your mind, body, and soul with what’s good and positive. But Trainer Dane’s story and his enthusiasm for life shows us that it IS possible -- even if it means making gradual changes and not a one-time transformation.

So go make it happen: turn your life around, take on a positive mindset, and make your best life a possibility.


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